Dionisio is a Seraphim of the Seraphim rank.

Dionisio Calamia
Reddit Username N7Maddeh
Race Seraphim
Birthday June 21st
Gender Male
Height 6'11"
Weight 260lbs
Blood Type B-
Family None
Professional Status
Base of Operations Astra Caelum
Affiliation Seraphim Army
Position Seraphim
Release Command "Crush!" and "Destroy!"
Sealed Weapon Armored gauntlets.


Dionisio is tall, muscular man, he is 6'11" inches and weighs in at 260lbs of pure muscle. He has very long brown hair. He has tanned skin, with a black skull tattoo on his back. Dionisio is usually seen wearing a long black trench-coat with no shirt underneath and black dress-pants with black combat boots. During combat, he usually sheds the trench-coat. He always wears his gauntlets.


Dionisio is a brash hot headed man who only wishes to fight. He excels in hand to hand combat and despises those that use tricks such as kido and cero to fight him, thinking that people who do are pathetic and deserve to die by someone who is truly strong. He is arrogant and aggressive, unconcerned with the safety of those around him and will pursue an opponent until they are defeated. He respects those who also fight hand to hand and are strong enough to endure his onslaughts. When not fighting or training, he can be constantly found eating to regain his strength or trying to fight with anyone around him. He does not understand the main plan that the master seraphim have for them, but he wouldn’t care anyway, so long as he gets to fight with strong people, he will be happy. He has an odd habit of say –Eh at the end of his sentences and refers to his opponents as bozo’s. He works along with Raemei and thinks that she is a show off and a weakening, who holds him back but puts up with her for the time being so long as she doesn’t get involved in his fights.


In his first release, called, "Bestia Solis (Beast of Destruction)" Dionisio takes the form of a large humanoid T-Rex, as one would expect. His height increases by two feet. His skin becomes red, and he grows a tail. His pants and boots remain.

In his second release, called, "Ultimo: Bestiae Magnae Mahemium (Final Form: Beast of Great Mayhem)" he simply doubles in size again.


Name: Dino Collisio
Type: Offensive
Cost: Moderate
Range: Long
Stat: HAK

Dionisio Smashes the ground in around him with his tail, causing the ground to erupt around him, blasting hot magma in a 90° angle in front of him

Name: Mors Circumgyratio
Type: Offensive
Cost: Moderate
Range: Intermediate
Stat: HAK

Dionious charges and spins in a powerful manner, charging towards all nearby combatants, His reiatsu infuses his spines and prevents him from being bound or trapped while spinning

Name: Second Release - Meteor
Type: Defensive
Cost: High
Range: Short
Stat: HAK

Dionisio uses his reiatsu to generate a large boulder in his hand which he then launches with his vast strength. The Meteor is a physical hit and will shatter barriers it passes through, dealing severe damage to anyone hit


HAN 17 (+1)[+1]
REI 12 (+1)[+1]
HAK 16 (+1)[+1]
SEI 10 (+1)[+1]
BUK 16 (+1)[+1]
HOH 14 (+1)[+1]
Base points 85
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 85

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