Dex is a bionic gecko created by Lorcian Kobayashi . She alters what he can do regularly so not much is known about him simply that they are mainly used to deliver messages within Seireitei, as they are faster and more efficiant than Hell Butterflies.

As of the end of the Seraphim Arc, Dex got an upgrade to tiny dragon status, thus giving him the ability to fly. Lorcian's plans to upgrade a handful of the gecko to be a elite team of data gathering, mail delivering, cute little things included Dex.

He is currently assigned to serve Shin Kobayashi. He is a more specialized iDragon, performing more covert operations. He has a near perfect cloaking ability, and advanced speed. He is constantly scanning the area or people for any dangers / threats or things of interest to inform Shin about. He is also capable of firing small shakkahos from his mouth (generally at Shin to annoy him).

This extra expenditure of power does require him to recharge his batteries more often, generally being more cat-like than some of his other bretheren by sleeping in Shin's office, or on his shoulder. Despite this he still keeps his scanning active, generally choosing the best vantage points to maximize his talents.

He enjoys biting Shin or slapping him with his tail to wake Shin up or to get his attention. Even though a small chirp or roar would do the trick. It was probably programmed into him by Lorcian herself.

HAN 12
HOH 16
Base points 41
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 41

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