Danio Parro
Danio Parro
Status Alive
Race Seraphim (Arrancar)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Base of Operations Unknown
Affiliation Seraphim
Previous Affiliation Las Noches
Position Seraphim
Previous Position Fraccion

Danio ParroEdit

Appearance Covered head to toe in iron armor, with intricate designs covering him. Personality Gruff and blunt, he really doesn't have much to say. He gets in, gets the job done then goes on his way.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A true melee fighter, he beats down his enemies until his iron gauntlets are soaked in blood


A giant broad sword that is carried across his back, but when released transforms his armor into the intimate knight

Release command: Out of my way


Hirudora - Daytime tigerEdit

Name: Hirudora

Type: Melee

Cost: High

Stat: Hak/Sei

Range: Long 

Danio forms a hand sign then punches. The simple punch is so fast that the pressure forms a tiger that can overwhelm the strongest of defensives.

Oku no buki - Many armsEdit

Name: Many arms

Type: Melee

Cost: Low

Stat: Sei

Range: Close

Twelve arms made of pure energy form from danio, protecting him and deleivering close range blows against his enemies. Theses arms seemingly are controlled by thought.

Shin no suchiru - True SteelEdit

Release ability

Name: True Steel

Type: Melee

Cost: Passive

Stat: Rei

Range: Close

A passive feat of Danio armor is that it is his ultimate defense. It helps mitigate lightning shocks, resitances being heated up by fire, but it's greatest ability is that it reforms. While it doesn't heal Danio, the armor reforms quickly after a major blow



HAN 16 (17)(18)

REI 16 (17)(18)

HAK 16 (17)(18)

SEI 12 (13)(14)

BUK 15 (16)(17)

HOH 10 (11)(12)

Base points: 85

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