Christian Delmonte
Status Alive
Reddit Username 7samuraisoliders
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday August 1
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 189
Blood Type O
Family Sister - Deceased

Mother - Alive

Professional Status
Base of Operations Naruki City
Affiliation Xcution
Fullbring Five Tools
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Christian is a tall, toned, young man with short hair black hair and tanned skin. He wears a baseball cap with loose, button down shirts, sometimes with or without a tie, jeans and sneakers.


Christian is a outgoing, friendly individual. He gives people the benefit of the doubt upon first meeting them unless attacked, or provoked. His current persona is a 180 change from his earlier days where he was serious and stoic. This changed when he was unable to save his older sister from being killed by a drunken driver. Since then, along with workout his grief along with his mother helped him changed his way of thinking, becoming more positive and upbeat. He doesn't like to see children being mistreated or abused. While not a genius, he is able to work best when having the time to strategize a plan before facing a problem.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Christian's fullbring is a baseball cap worn by him that was given to him by his younger sister.


When evoked, The cap becomes a mask (along with a visor) with different kinds of light body armor and 3 different uses. Christian can change between the three forms, but the changes are not instantaneous and can leave him open to attack for 1 min.

Name Kaenhoushaki(Flamethrower)
Type Offensive
Cost High
Stat Rei + Sei
Range Medium-Long (10-20ft)

By turning the brim of the cap sideways (default), it allows him to generate up to 5 balls of fire at different speeds for ranged attacks. However, he is unable to defend himself while in this state. Each shot must be reloaded, depending on the amount shots fired (5). He can choose to fire off five normal shots, one large bomb, or three cannons (both require charging beforehand). The latter two shots drain him enough, to where he will revert to his default form, in a much more weakened state, and will become unable to move. Shooting the normal five shots is less stressful, but have a longer reload time (15 seconds for all shots). They have a slight denotation impact. (Cooldown 2 turns)

Ability 2Edit

Name The Man in Blue
Type Defensive
Cost Low
Stat Han
Range N/A

By turning the brim of the cap backwards, allows him to generate bulkier body armor for himself, but leaves him much slower than normal and unable to attack. If cracked or damaged, he will revert to his default form, open to attack and unable to move. (Cooldown 3 turns)

Ability 3Edit

Name Supido-kyo (Speed Demon)
Type Supportive.
Cost Low
Stat Buk/Hoh
Range N/A.

While the birm of the cap is forward, Christian can dodge attacks easier, but is unable to fully defend himself, his attacks (punches and kicks) are limited and weak in this state and can be used only twice in battle, lasting 1 min. (Cooldown 6 turns)

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