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New Las Noches - Misc Espada Realm/Tower.

Underground city

Arrancar's Underground city

Las Noches is the home landscape that the Espada and their followers reside in. It is currently located in Hueco Mundo, its location having been changed multiple times in the past.


Las Noches itself is visually similar to Old Las Noches on the exterior, apart from the few towers protruding from the roof. It’s actually a bit larger than the old Las Noches, and is reinforced structurally with elements such as Alvaro’s dark ice, or rock formed from Laxus’ lava. Construction methods using these elements meant that the basic ‘frame’ of Las Noches could be formed relatively quickly, while also providing better protection than the old stone walls could. It was built over a vast, enclosed canyon, partially sealed off by their combined abilities and had the landscape built over it.

Inside it has two main levels, the open landscapes up top, and the underground city below. The open landscape is quite different from the canon Las Noches. Instead of dessert, it’s made up of 8-10 realms, each with their own enclosed climate and theme. The specifics are long and complex, but basically each is based off the Espada’s own reiatsu, and run by their power. All in all, it takes a miniscule amount of  energy to keep them working, hardly noticeable for the Espada. These landscapes can range from snow capped forests, to jungles, to a volcanic wasteland, depending on the Espada. Mountains divide them, and there are tunnels which go under these steep and thin mountains, leading to adjacent realms. 

Inbetween the city and the upper lands, in the extremely thick layer of rock, ice, and diamond, are the underground tunnels. These are primarily how the Arrancar move from place to place, getting between the lands of the Espada, gates, or moving between the city and upper lands. To those who don't understand them, it's likly they'd be lost in their expanses forever, and it's made sure that each Arrancar knows their way around, somewhat.

The city, is under the open level, and is a heavily guarded secret of Las Noches. Not many but the Arrancar who reside there know of its existence, but despite that, it harbors thousands of Arrancar and Hollows friendly to their cause. The architecture varies, but there are quite a few distinct structures, such as the stadium, where events and fights are held.


Las Noches is not in the same place as old Las Noches or in canon. This is mainly a note so that Arrancar who left, or people who want to come visit, will have to know where this new location is before they can just use a portal to arrive at the gates.

Espada RealmsEdit

The following are the current and former domains of the Espada. Whenever a new Espada is chosen, the old lands are 'glassed' and re-modeled by the Espada themselves. Most, if not all, are divided by steep mountains and invisible barriers to contain the climate of each. During an invasion, these can be sectioned off so that each land is isolated on the surface, making moving through the lands as an Army dangerous and for the foolhardy. They have day/night, but the day length stays constant at 12:12, and there are no seasons. 


The Winter ForestEdit

Alvaro's tower

Alvaro's section of Las Noches is at the very center of the fortress, permanently held in the grasps of winter. The span of his domain is covered in a forest of trees taken from the human realm, mostly evergreens. Steams run down the hillside, out from his tower which is still the same building, just encircled with a number of plants and covered in a thin layer of snow. It's normal ambient temperature is around -5 degrees Celsius (Dropping to -15 degrees Celsius at night), with little to no wind.

The DesertEdit

Mg 0260b1

Joaquin's area of new Las Noches is quite literally, a desert. It is vast and empty, and keeps a constant warm temperature with a very dry climate. Lots and lots of rocks and mountains cover the entire area, and if you don't know where you're headed, you're probably gonna get lost. Everything is set up on the farthest edge of the desert, requiring quite a bit of traveling to get to. This is to keep the minor stragglers out and to make the visitor have to WANT to be there in order to bother Jackie.

The Volcanic WastelandEdit


There was once situation where Laxus grew very furious and discharged a very large amount of his reiatsu resulting in a enormous explosion that swallowed a large portion of the new land turning it into a volcanic wasteland. The landscape around his castle is very dangerous as there is constant magma spewing randomly and the air is almost unbreathable for the weak, Laxus refers to his area as his "Little slice of Hell".

The JungleEdit


Outside of Alberto's tower there was a massive forest that looks like it dates back to the Cretaceous Period. The forest is complete with hollows that resembled the wildlife of the time making it full of activity. Over the last three years Alberto had stalked these lands somehow his rieatsu had influenced the land to make the landscape more appropriate for Alberto's resurrection state.

The Sunflower PlanesEdit


The area is surrounded by tall sunflowers ranging from four in a half to eight feet tall, spreading as fare as the eye can see to the mountains that border her lands. It's relatively flat here, covered in sort soil and meadows.

The WastesEdit


Situated right on the outer walls of Las Noches, Emilio's domain is only slightly different from Hueco Mundo's rough and heartless climate, not that he purposely altered it like his fellow Espada he just benefits from their deliberate climate changes.

There isn't much on his territory besides his palace, an old broken down building he restored and changed to his tastes with the help of dozens of Hollow servants. From the outside, Emilio's tower looks like only necessary parts have been cut out of stone and that may very well be true.

The Rain ForestEdit


Vines and branches entangle around stone pillars and the face of the tower, and continue on out into the surroundings. The area it is much like an old ruined and forgotten temple that has been overgrown and worn over the years, with various buildings covered in vines and moss, constant rain is the only sound to be heard in the forest area

The Snow PlanesEdit

LN monument

Cade's realm is rather plain in scope, as most of his tower is below ground. The land iself is similar to the old Las Noches's rolling sand dunes, but is capped in snow due to the after effects of Alvaro's Winter Forest, and the lack of Cade defining it with his own climate.

Defense & SecurityEdit

Energy ShieldEdit

806804-atlantis shield

The active barrier.

The barrier is Las Noches' first defensive line from an invasion of any kind, it surrounds all of Las Noches, extending underground in the shape of a sphere thus surrounding the undercity as well, The spell that was used to create the barrier resides in "The Key of Oracles" a book discovered by Sadako Amaya in the world of the living. The barriers strength is determined by the spiritual power of its casters and will remain active indefinitely as long as the spell was performed properly and the sigil isn't broken or tampered with. The barrier can be destroyed by one or more people who have a combined spiritual power BEYOND the barriers shielding capacity. The barrier can be split open at any point around the circumference of the barrier as long as there is a Gatekeeper or Espada around that is willing to provide access. Las Noches cannot be accessed by Garganta or any form of teleportation/supernatural gateway, only through the present Gatekeeper or Espada may one be given access. The current barrier has a shielding capacity of 180.

Core WeaknessesEdit

  • For an enemy to be able to destroy the shield they must have at least 1 point higher in Sei then the shield capacity (currently 180). Meaning the chances of a single person breaking the barrier is very slim; to realistically destroy the barrier it would require the combined Sei of several people.

Example: Ten people come to invade, each of them have 21 Sei and the shields strength just so happens to be 200. Combined they have a total of 210 Sei, meaning if they work together they have the ability to destroy the barrier.

  • The shield can also be destroyed if continuously attacked in a single spot for at least 10-20 minutes (this would need several people at least 4). This can even be done if the combined level of Sei of all the enemies is lower than the barriers shield level. -To abuse this weakness you would need to allow other people to respond to the invasion, you wouldn't be able to write up a massive post that extends on for the whole 20 minutes preventing someone from responding to the attack. You would have to start the attack on the barrier and end your post so that the Espada or Gatekeepers are able to respond to the attack.
  • Shield can be disabled by the lead Caster in this case Sadako Amaya.
  • If the lead caster is killed the barrier will fall.
  • Shield can be disabled by breaking the sigil (not easy since it resides inside Las Noches).
  • A Quincy’s Reiatsu absorbing abilities can weaken the barrier by half, this can only be applied once. Meaning several Quincy would still only be able to weaken it by half all together.

Las Estrellas (The Gatekeepers)Edit

The Las Estrellas are the four main Gatekeepers that protect each corner of Las Noches, one in the north, south, east and one in the west. These Arrancar are highly respected, highly skilled warriors that are the second line of defense in the case of an invasion, they are responsible for controlling traffic in and out of Las Noches. They are expected to give their life in the case of an invasion, their resilence must not falter, the moment they swear into this position their life is given to the front line and the cause. In the case of a Gatekeeper abandoning the front line and, they will be treated as cowardice traitors and will be executed and disgraced. To earn this position one must endure rigorous training, pass a multitude of tests and in the end swear their life to the front line and its cause, there can only be four Gatekeepers at any time. When a Gatekeeper is killed a new one is chosen, this process can take several months. Las Estrellas have the ability to open and close the barrier at any time, making them the second position of power to have access to this ability next to the Espada. The current Las Estrellas are known as “The Four Elemental Gatekeepers" Drusilla being the only one to have fallen in battle, leaving an open position.

North Gate: Nelpherin [NPC]Edit

Nelpherin is a brooding young man with silver hair and silver-blue eyes. His body is quite chiseled from years of training and solitude. He only just recently returned to Las Noches after a 400 year spirit journey to become stronger. Upon returning he was given the role to protect the north side of Las Noches as well as allow people access if he trusts them. Nelpherin is very stern and has a strong hatred for insolence and weakness. He is the most arrogant of the group and shows this by his mocking speech mannerism and overall superior attitude. He refuses any notion of mercy and will do what he can to eradicate anyone who threatens Las Noches. Nelpherin is also extremely protective of the younger members of Las Noches thus showing that somewhere in his brooding heartless exterior he has a heart. He is the second strongest of the Gate Keepers.

West Gate: Isaac [NPC]Edit

Isaac is a seemingly innocent boy with white hair and red eyes; he has a seemingly weak body and is one of the most deceiving of the four elementals. This is because as Isaac appears to be weak and rather sweet, he is actually the strongest of the four. Isaac’s may come off as clueless or even a bit childish, but this is merely an act in an attempt to catch his opponents off guard. Isaac truly doesn’t mind backstabbing someone that is a threat to his family. As a young Hollow, Isaac endured immense amounts of torture that rattled and corrupted his psyche. Because of this he has no empathy for the Shinigami or anyone that isn’t part of his family. He won’t even flinch when it comes to doing things that are immoral as long as it protects his family. Isaac carries around with him a small Adjuchas named Cry (Cry before she is an Arrancar) who he is extremely protective of.

South Gate:[OPEN]Edit


East Gate: [OPEN]Edit



The G.A.L.S.


The Giant Automatic Laser System (G.A.L.S.) is a very large spherical ship that floats above and around Las Noches (one revolution every ten minutes). The blueprints and Idea were created by Laxus and the ship itself were constructed by the combined forces of him and Joaquin, the ship is only allowed to go onto the offensive when Las Noches is under attack by a large invasion of enemy forces. When on the offensive, the ship fires down a barrage of lasers that's main intention is to quickly sweep waves of attackers. When it begins it's rain of fire, all inhabitants of Las Noches are ordered to steer clear of the firing zone to avoid friendly fire. The laser barrage is even powerful enough to to take down enemy ships/mechs with equivalent ease. When on the defensive, the G.A.L.S. activates its camouflage and continues it's rounds above Las Noches until it's time for the next firing run invisble to the enemy. The forces of Joaquin pilot this ship while the forces of Laxus operate the lasers and targeting. Once a firing run starts, the G.A.L.S. cannot fire again for another 15 minutes. The ship is heavily guarded and the only way to destroy it is to destroy the reactor core on the inside (sounds familiar does it?). And no, there's no stupid random hole on the side of the ship that leads to the reactor core.


HMS Queen Fiona

HMS Queen Fiona

The Second Arrancar Airwing exists as an aerial offensive/defensive measure for Las Noches and whatever is determined to be the Arrancar's battlefield. It was founded by Joaquin Ribereño, and brought into existance with the guidance of Captain Ryuuhei Shikuga, founder of the Royal Seireitei Air Force. Armed with highly advanced weaponry, developed with the assistance of Captain Kokishin Nengen, the SAAW ensures Las Noches's aerial dominance on the homeland, and is a force to be reckoned with on any plain.

Contrary to the First Arrancar Air Wing, the SAAW is manned almost entirely by Numeros and other Arrancar, whereas the FAAW was manned entirely by robots. Though the robots were fierce in battle, and limited Arrancar bloodshed drastically, faster reflexes were needed and time was not on the Wing's side. The robots were therefore melted down to create bigger and better ships, and Numeros were recruited to command and operate the vessels.

The primary purpose of the SAAW is combat, however certain of the ships are used solely for diplomatic or logistical purposes. Those ships just dont get out as much as the others.

The EspadaEdit

The Espada are the “Captains” of Las Noches, they are the top ten strongest in their society and wear the numbers “1-10”. What they say goes and their “leader” is the Primera as he/she is the strongest in Las Noches. The Espada are the final defensive line Las Noches has to offer, as they are responsible for protecting their followers that reside there.




The Primera, headstrong and stoic. Alvaro has been an Espada for a very long time and is one of the few seasoned veterans left in Las Noches, he is loving towards his comrades and absolutely ruthless to his enemies. This is the reason why he is feared in the Seireitei and one of their prime targets. His battle experience makes him an excellent general and tactician.

Joaquin RiberenoEdit

349px-Cowboy by olafpriol

Joaquin Ribereno

The Segunda, foolhardy but courageous nonetheless. Jackie is the founder of the SAAW and another one of Las Noches top fighters. His main ship being the HMS Queen Fiona, the SAAW is one of Las Noches’s best weapons and Jackie’s biggest contribution to the race making him highly respected by his comrades (most of them anyway). As an engineer, he also tinkers with robotics as well (mainly for his personal purposes). He’s also feared by the shinigami as his activities involve cruel treatment of them such as hangings.

Laxus AlosarEdit


Laxus Alosar

The Tercera, cold and cruel but loyal. Laxus is one of the more unfathomable members of the Espada as no one can really understand his methods or his interests. He is the lead scientist and interrogator in Las Noches as he excels in science and the art of torture. He also created the improved Las Noches surveillance network and the G.A.L.S. (Giant Automatic Laser System). He’s fiercely loyal to Las Noches and willing to go to any extremes to make sure him and his comrades come out on top.


The Cuatro, level headed and pleasant. Alberto is another seasoned veteran of Las Noches and one of their most trusted members. Because of this, Alberto nicknamed among the other residents of Las Noches as the “Role Model Espada” as he’s the perfect example of what it means to be one. Valiant and strong, Alberto will never run away from a challenge. He’s also willing to serve as an ambassador to the Seireitei to discuss diplomatic issues with the shinigami but he is by no means a reaper lover like some of the older members of the Espada.

Anya BraginskiEdit

360px-Tumblr m6ohvda9fc1qbju8go9 500

Anya Braginski

The Quinta, compassionate but precarious. Anya is one of the older Espada as she became one around the same time as Laxus, she’s one of the less outwardly violent of the Espada and a sweet woman. However, she can be just as fearsome as she is kind. She mainly spends her time caring for her son Finn and keeping to herself, she was one of the the few Espada that has managed to befriend a number of shinigami. Because of this, a few of her comrades are somewhat suspicious of her.

Emilio BarreraEdit


Emilio Barrera

The Sexta, aggressive and bloodthirsty. Emilio is one of the newer Espada and is the textbook definition of a murderer. He fights for the sole purpose of killing his opponents and shows his joy in doing so. With his partner, they share a “brain n’ brawn” relationship.

Lluvia TerminaEdit


Lluvia Termina

The Septimo, witty and intelligent. Lluvia is another scientist of Las Noches (although he doesn’t share the cruelty of the Tercera) and another one of the more easy going Espada members. He isn’t as hostile to shinigami as some of his friends are but he is still wary of them, when he isn’t in his lab he’s usually out in Hueco Mundo doing research of his own. Always seen with a light hearted expression on his face, it’s hard to determine whether some of his more gruesome activities bother him or not.




The Octavo, playful and innocent. Cade is also one of the newer Espada and former fraccion of the Primera. He’s not your typical Espada as he’s usually seen playing around or having fun with his friends. Although he’s not really a fighter like the others, he won’t hesitate to raise his blade to fight for his friends.

Sadako AmayaEdit

Tumblr m430u6mykk1qf95qio1 500

Sadako Amaya

The Novena, empathetic and kind. Sadako is one of the newer Espada and a practitioner of the Dark Arts. Because of her knowledge in magic, she is considered invaluable to Las Noches as she has made contributions that few to none can replicate. She always puts the priorities of her race and comrades first before her own life as she has sacrificed it on numerous occasions. She’s outwardly respectful to everyone she meets but she is quick to change her demeanor to a much more hostile one if she feels her friends are threatened

River PanteraEdit

Roronoa zoro by roronoa62-d5ix610

River Pantera



  • Shall any Arrancar desire to challenge an Espada for their seat, the challenger must challenge the seat holder up front.
  • No harboring Shinigami without letting the Espada know first.
  • Treat all other Arrancar as equals unless they wear the numbers “1-10” as it would be disrespectful to pretend you're on the same level as an Espada if you are a Fraccion or less. 
  • No killing a fellow Arrancar unless you both agree to it, self-defense is okay.
  • Traitors to the race will be exiled or executed.
  • It’s highly recommended that humans don’t come unless invited by another Arrancar. Without protection, their safety cannot be guaranteed.
  • Those who don’t fight during wartime, especially Espada, will face severe consequences.
  • Meetings in the underground stadium are absolutely MANDATORY.


The Arrancar Society is highly based on the principle of “Survival of the Fittest”. While they have no real military structure like the Seireitei, all are expected to fight of the sake of Las Noches. The only ones exempt from this rule are children or Arrancar who are physically unable to fight. Otherwise, not fighting will be considered cowardice and such behavior is frowned upon in Las Noches. When challenged for their positions, Espada are expected to accept all challenges as refusing so would mean loss of respect from the others. There aren’t any real strict rules in Las Noches as all Arrancar are expecting to act accordingly and support each other as they’re more family than anything else. Denizens of Las Noches are willing accept any fellow Arrancar or hollow as long as their intentions are good and they wish to help the kingdom, if one is known to cause trouble and strife in Las Noches then word will quickly get around before someone of a rank higher than Numeros will be sent to investigate. This applies to other similar situations such as mutiny.

In the middle of the underground city lies a stadium where the inhabitants can test their mettle for their own endeavors or for bragging rights, this stadium is also used by the Primera to address the entire society in mandatory meetings. Everyone is expected to attend these meetings as they usually have to deal with something big that has happened in Las Noches. Because of constantly being under fire by other factions, the Arrancar in Las Noches don't take too kindly to other races...ESPECIALLY the Shinigami. Any Shinigami or other person of another race that enters the underground city are in constant danger as there's no telling what will happen to them unless they're waived by an Espada or accompanied by another Arrancar of similar rank. Especially in wartime, the Arrancar society is extremely hostile to outsiders.


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