Kuchiki Clan
Kuchiki family seal
Family Head Council of Elders
Family Heir/Heiress Yoichi Kuchiki
Family Seat Kuchiki Family Manor, Seireitei, Soul Society
Affiliation 6th Division, Gotei 13, Seireitei, Soul Society
Specialty Compiling and protecting the history, literature, and sacred arts of the Soul Society

The Kuchiki Clan is one of the Four Great Noble Families within the Soul Society. It is also the oldest of the noble Clans, with its origins predating the founding of the Seireitei and Gotei 13.


As one of the eldest Noble Families, the Kuchiki Clan is in possession of great wealth and luxury. It has been a longstanding tradition for the Head of the Kuchiki Clan to take captaincy of the 6th Division. Members originating from the Kuchiki Clan have shown exemplary skills in all four major Shinigami combat forms: Hakuda, Hohō, Kidō, and Zanjutsu; but they are particularly gifted in Hohō and Kidō.

  • Kuchiki Manor

The Kuchiki Clan is seen as a model for all Shinigami, which is further evident by their influence of the Sixth Division. As such, many Kuchiki Clan members hold seated positions. To not acquire a seated position within the Gotei 13 is considered dishonorable (and unusual).

As a prideful Clan, the Kuchiki are also known for their strict adherence to traditions, and their value in their noble bloodline. An outsider gaining acceptance to the Clan is exceedingly rare and frowned upon, as taking in peasant blood results in the tainting of their cherished bloodline. As such, inbreeding is fairly common.

Clan StructureEdit

The Kuchiki Clan is lead by a Head and his or her spouse. The Head is the representation of the Clan as a whole, but often times, they cannot proceed with major decisions without the blessing of the Council of Elders.

The Council consist of many wise men and women, legendary warriors, and scholars. One doesn't choose to enter their ranks, rather it is the Council that chooses their own members. Due to their important role within the Clan, the members of the Council rarely venture from the Kuchiki Manor, and only amass together in times of emergency.

Ever since Rukia Kuchiki's death and Yoichi's disappearance, the Council of Elders have assumed the lead of the Kuchiki Clan, in order to save its image. At the present time, no heir or heiress has been selected. As such, a formal exam is held each year to decide the next heir, though one has yet to be selected. If one were deemed fit to be the heir, then he or she will assume the mantle of Head of the Clan after they achieve captaincy.


Protectors of the Rukongai: Akimoto and Ashitaka KuchikiEdit

Pre-Seretei and pre-Gotei 13, creatures of great power lived throughout soul society. Some were ancient spirits that embodied the elements, emotions, or virtues. As mankind and shinigami advanced and expanded, the majority of these beasts were either slain or passed into legend. The greatest of the pantheon however still remained. He was an ancient dragon of terrible strength and the spirit of fire. He was known as Seviroth. This dragon possessed spiritual pressure of near unparalleled levels. This was because in addition to devouring the corpses of its prey, it devoured their reiatsu as well, adding on to its already formidable strength. It was also gigantic in stature, incredibly clever, sharp minded, and intelligent. It got to the point where this creature was the biggest threat to the safety of all the Soul Society, outweighing even the constant hollow attacks. In fact, Hollow attacks were often what drew Seviroth out into the open as he would prey on hollows as much as anything else.

It seemed nothing could stop Seviroth. Until Akimoto Kuchiki and Ashitaka Kuchiki challenged him. The Kuchiki clan used to be known for forging great weapons designed to combat the great creatures and ancient spirits of the old times but by that point however the Kuchiki clan had lost much of the knowledge of how to forge them. Luckily enough materials and knowledge remained to create the last of these great weapons. This weapon was used by Akimoto Kuchiki during the fight against Seviroth. It should be known that these weapons weren't used to kill but rather to imprison and seal the victim away. With each cut made, the blade would cut off a portion of the victims rieatsu and be sealed inside the sword until the point were the victim was too weak to resist, and would end up being sealed away within the sword itself. Once captured and sealed within the sword, the victim would be broken down and slowly drained of their entire being until nothing remained. Once this process was complete the weapon's sealing properties were all but exhausted and it becomes a normal sword.

This was the fate of Seviroth. The two Kuchiki brothers fought him for what seemed like days but were able to out last him just long enough to seal him away within the sword. However, as fate would have it, that would not be the end of Seviroth. Much to their surprise, through shear willpower and defiance, Seviroth's demanding presence overcame the powers of the weapon. The weapon's sealing properties were exhausted and yet he still remained. Seviroth had withstood his existence being erased but was still trapped within the blade's inner world. And so it was that Seviroth defied the death sentence the Kuchiki clan had cast upon him, and became the sword's asuachi thus transforming the weapon into a zanpakutō.

Knowing that no one could ever hope to control such a vengeful spirit and deity of destruction as a their partner, they placed the zanpakuto deep within the vaults of the Kuchiki estate in rukon. There it remained as the years passed. There it remained while the Kuchiki clan broke in two. There it remained while the old Kuchiki estate became the Akimoto estate. There it remained for generations while tales of Seviroth's battle with Akimoto and Ashitaka became legend and later myth. There it remained until it had been so long that all the world but the historians had all but forgotten of Seviroth's existence. But Seviroth did not forget. He did not forget the years when he and his kind had ruled the soul society. He did not forget how all of his kind were wiped out by humans and shinigami alike. He did not forget how once he was a god among ants. And so Seviroth waited and bought his time. Someone would pick up his blade in time and when they did his rage would begin anew. He would seize control of his wielders' soul and be reborn from their body. And when he was finished, this world would never again forget him.

Schism: Akimoto and Kuchiki ClansEdit

Akimoto and Ashikata Kuchiki were some of the first protectors of Rukongai. They defended the innocents of Soul Society from hollows, bandits, and all shorts of criminals long before any organization was formed for that purpose. At the time of the formation of the Seireitei and Gotei 13, there were two Co-heads of the Kuchiki Clan. Twin brothers in fact. There names were: Akimoto Kuchiki and Ashitaka Kuchiki. Once the Seireitei and Gotei 13 were formed, the Kuchiki clan was offered a position of high standing and honor among the new organization in recognition of the honor, duty, and selflessness the had exhibited in Rukon over the eons. Ashitaka Kuchiki was quick to accept the prestigious honor they were offered, as the Kuchiki clans numbers had diminished to a small few after having lost many comrades in the defense of Rukon over the centuries. However his brother, Akimoto Kuchiki, believed that removing themselves from Rukon would result in wide spread corruption and more frequent casualties from hollow attacks due to their relocation. The brothers discussed this at length in many heated arguments. Both were in the right. Ashitaka, with the future and security of the Kuchiki clan in mind and Akimoto with the safety and security of all the Rukon districts in his. The clan was divided. Some backing Ashitaka, others standing strong behind Akimoto. At long last it was decided, that Akimoto Kuchiki and his supporters would remain to defend Rukon while Ashitaka and the rest of the Kuchiki clan relocated to the Seireitei. The caused a slight rift between the two factions. Hence forth, Akimoto and his followers declared independence from the Kuchiki clan and formed their own Noble house of Akimoto.

Massacre! Civil WarEdit

And there it was that the Akimoto clan would remain in Rukon, ever vigilantly protecting the realm from all threats. Acting as watchful guardians, and first responders. The two clans remained in little contact over the centuries, and shared a fierce rivalry with one another. This was how it was until in the recent few centuries the Kuchiki clan reached out to try and improve relations with their long removed kinsmen. The heads of both houses were able to put aside old differences and open trade between the two clans, joint operations, and eventually, as a final gesture of good will, an arranged marriage to once again join the two houses into one. The Heads of each clan during this modern period were: Sesshomaru Kuchiki (Ayumi's father) and Hiei Akimoto (Nikorasu's father). The arranged marriage was to be with Akimoto's eldest son Lee Akimoto and Sesshomaru's eldest daughter Ayumi Kuchiki, once she came of age. Unfortunately this deal was too good to be true.

Not long after the announcement, the entire Akimoto clan was slaughtered in the dark of night and all members were presumed dead for many decades, though the bodies of Hiei's youngest son Nikorasu and daughter Yumi were never recovered as well as the clan's long time instructor Shaido. Sesshomaru swore justice for their deaths and began a campaign to bring the perpetrators into custody. However, over several years of search for answers it seemed that all who were possibly involved in the raid were either killed, or completely incapacitated by some unknown source. Eventually the Kuchiki clan's council of elders voted to stop funding resources to avenge the Akimoto clan. As the operation was unable to turn up anything that aided their cause further. As far as they could tell the responsible parties had been dealt with by other sources, as was to be expected in the now corruption filled Rukon districts created by the void the absence of the Akimoto clan created.

This new found age of corruption did not end in Rukon however. In the wake of the Akimoto clan's slaughter many took advantage of the turmoil. In fact, it sparked into effect a turn of events that lead to a power struggle and civil war between the members of the Kuchiki clan. Some believed that leadership of Sesshomaru had made the Kuchiki clan too soft, thus allowing the tragedy of the Akimoto clan to occur. As such, conflicts and scheme began arising from the shadows. Clan members were assassinated and poisoned in order to elevate the status of other members to be closer in line as the next head of the Kuchiki clan. It was in this time period that Sesshomaru's eldest son was assassinated and his next in line refused the title as heir, leaving only Ayumi Kuchiki as the next in line to be head of the clan.

The 27th Head of the Kuchiki Clan: Nikorasu AkimotoEdit

It was during this time of corruption that Sesshomaru's agents had heard rumor of a honorable yet very successful band of bounty hunters, thieves, and rouges. The leader of said group was rumored to be the one who had brought about the end of all parties associated with the Akimoto massacre. This bounty hunter went by the name of Drakon Niklaus. (Nikorasu Akimoto's bounty hunter alias.) Sesshomaru, having been informed of his honorable nature found himself intrigued and summoned him to the Kuchiki manor to take his measure. Sesshomaru, while keeping his composure was surprised to find that this bounty hunter possessed the signiture blood red eyes of the Akimoto clan.

Sesshomaru had surmised to himself that this must be the youngest son of Hiei Akimoto who's body was never found. After confirming with Drakon Niklaus that he had avenged the Akimoto clan and was indeed a man of honor, he extended a proposition to Niklaus and his band to become the body guards of Ayumi Kuchiki as well as assist in the removal of all those who threatened the current Kuchiki clan regime.

It was during this time that Akimoto met Ayumi and became her body guard, never to leave her side at Sesshomaru's request while the rest of the band weed out and deal with the traitors to the Kuchiki clan. During said time Nikorasu and Ayumi fell in love. The plot to over throw the current Kuchiki regime was uncovered and defeated, resulting in an unprecedented time of peace and prosperity for the clan. Sesshomaru offered to keep Nikorasu and his band on as Ayumi's protector but he declined.

Nikorasu and his band then returned to bounty hunting, and fortune seeking once more with Ayumi now discretely assisting and even taking part in said operations. However this didn't last for much longer as the time was drawing near for Ayumi to marry as to secure the future of the Kuchiki clan line. As such she could not afford to be seen with such "rabble" (as the elders described Nikorasu's band) any longer. Desperate and determined not to lose the woman he loved Nikorasu pleaded with Sesshomaru, revealing his long relationship with his daughter and asking for her hand in marriage.

Sesshomaru having long since figured out Nikroasu was in fact the last of the Akimoto's agreed as it had long been his dream reunification of the Akimoto and Kuchiki clans. Sesshomaru re-declared Nikorasu as well as the surviving members of the clan Yumi and Shaido who had taken up quite lives in Rukon, nobles and welcomed them to the Kuchiki clan. He also declared his bounty hunter crew honorary members of the Kuchiki clan that would serve as their personal guard. (Mostly honorary titles to justify their elevation with Akimoto's). Much to the Elders' dismay, the two were married, Akimoto began his shinigami training which he excelled at and completed in less than a year and became the Vice Captain of squad 6 under Sesshomaru not long after. That brings us to Akimoto and Ayumi becoming co-heads of the Kuchiki clan, becoming captains of squad 6 and 13 respectively, and having two children Hinata and Kazuto Kuchiki.

Acceptance of an Outsider? - Rukia KuchikiEdit

Some time before the events that befell Akimoto, Mitsuko Kuchiki, the master seamstress of the Clan, was found dead. In the subsequent weeks, scores of unseated Shinigami were killed in the 6th Division, many of them nobles. The only evidence found in every crime scene were reiatsu-embedded ice, matching the reiatsu signature of Rukia, an unseated Shinigami of the 13th Division.

Enraged by these deaths, the Kuchiki Clan sent the information to the Central 46, who in turn sent Hell Butterflies to Rukia, who had been deployed earlier to Karakura Town for approximately one month. However, when Rukia failed to turn up by the end of two months, Ryoma Kuchiki was sent to forcefully bring her back. Once she returned to the Soul Society, she had her trial immediately and was convicted; she was sentenced to death by the Sōkyoku Hill.

In a turn of events, Rukia was spared and Ryoma slain. Within the latter's will was the request to have the former accepted into the Clan, which the Kuchiki had to honor.


Seraphim ArcEdit

As per the treaty arranged by the Shinigami of the Gotei 13, the Arrancar of Las Noches, and the Fullbringers of Xcution, three Captains and Espada were sent to each realm. Nikorasu Akimoto and the then new captain Rukia Kuchiki were both sent to the Xcution Manor located in Naruki City.

However, upon returning to the Kuchiki Manor to collect some belongings, Akimoto was approached by Captain-Commander Makato Kiyoshi. After a brief but heated conversation, the latter stripped Akimoto of his captaincy.

Since those events, Akimoto has been reported taking lengthy visits to the Human Realm as well as several unconfirmed sightings in the Rukon district. The last confirmed sighting of Akimoto had him departing with his former bounty hunting compatriots to parts unknown. There has been no word or sighting of Nikorasu Akimoto or his associates since his last reported appearance. With his current whereabouts unknown, he has be labeled as missing in action.

A few months later, the previous Head Curator Yoichi Heisuke Kuchiki graduated from the Shin'ō Academy, bumping into his childhood friend, Rukia Kuchiki. Having not seen each other for ninety years, the two took a visit to Heisuke's Cafe, La Folie, to talk over the events that had befallen them many decades ago.

Fall of the Worlds Arc (Seraphim War) + Three Years of PeaceEdit

After the death of Rukia Kuchiki, the Kuchiki Clan is currently trying to find a new heir, lest they fall from grace and become a lesser Clan. With the current whereabouts of Kazuto and Hinata Kuchiki unknown, the Kuchiki clan was left with no legitament successors to take up the mantle. As such, consideration was put in for Ben Vanderbergerk to be the next head. However, that idea in itself was shot down as quickly as it had been put up. The elusive Yoichi "Heisuke" Kuchiki became their only hope, but no matter how many search parties were sent to retrieve him, Yoichi was never seen again. Thus, during the peaceful years ahead, the Council of Elders took it upon themselves to lead the Clan.

Clan RelicsEdit

  • Kenseikan (牽星箝, lit. "Star-Pulling Insert"): Members of the Kuchiki family have been known to wear Kenseikan in their hair, which symbolizes their nobility as one of Four Noble Families.


  • Kuchiki Clan Scarf: The Kuchiki family also has a white scarf made by the first master weaver, Tsujishirō Kuroemon III. The scarf is made from the Ginpaku Kazahana no Uzuginu (銀白風花の紗, Silks of the Silverwhite Wildflower), a silver-white, windflower light silk, and is a family heirloom that is handed down from generation to generation and is given to each Kuchiki family head. The scarf alone is worth enough to buy ten mansions in the Seireitei.

Family MembersEdit


Title Relation Status
Michiyo Kuchiki 1st Head and Founder of the Kuchiki Clan Mother of Hiromasa Kuchiki and Grandmother to Akimoto and Ashitaka Kuchiki Deceased
Hiromasa Kuchiki 2nd Head of the Kuchiki Clan Father of Akimoto and Ashitaka Kuchiki Deceased
Ashitaka Kuchiki 3rd Head of the Kuchiki Clan Twin Brother of Akimoto Kuchiki Deceased
Akimoto Kuchiki 3rd Head of the Kuchiki Clan Twin Brother of Ashitaka Kuchiki Deceased

Unnamed Male Kuchiki

24th Head of the Kuchiki Clan

Father of Rishoka Kuchiki

Unnamed Female Kuchiki Lady of the Kuchiki Clan Mother of Rishoka Kuchiki Deceased
Rishoka Kuchiki 25th Head of the Kuchiki Clan Son of Rishoka Kuchiki, Mentor of Suzaku Inuri. Deceased
Sesshomaru Kuchiki 26th Head of the Kuchiki Clan Father of Ayumi, Ryoma, and Haruto Kuchiki. Brother of Satoshi Kuchiki. Deceased
Asuna Kuchiki Lady of the Kuchiki Clan Wife to Sesshomaru Kuchiki. Deceased
Nikorasu Akimoto 27th Head of the Kuchiki Clan Husband of Ayumi Kuchiki. Father of Kazuto, Hinata, and Mai. Son of Kikyo and Hiei Akimoto. Missing
Ayumi Kuchiki 27th Head of the Kuchiki Clan Wife of Nikorasu Akimoto. Mother of Kazuto and Hinata Kuchiki. Master to Rukia Kuchiki Deceased
Kazuto Kuchiki Nobleman Son of Nikorasu Akimoto and Ayumi Kuchiki Alive
Hinata Kuchiki Noblewoman Daughter of Nikorasu Akimoto and Ayumi Kuchiki Alive
Ryoma Kuchiki Nobleman Wife of Mitsuko Kuchiki, Son of Sesshomaru Kuchiki, Uncle of Yoichi Kuchiki Deceased
Mitsuko Kuchiki Master Weaver Husband of Ryoma Kuchiki, Aunt of Yoichi "Heisuke" Kuchiki Deceased
Kyukuro Kuchiki Nobleman Son of Ryoma and Mitsuko Kuchiki Alive
Rukia Kuchiki 28th Head of the Kuchiki Clan Adoptive sister of Ryoma Kuchiki and Mitsuko Kuchiki, Adoptive sister-in-law of Nikorasu Akimoto. Adoptive Aunt of Heisuke, Cameron, and Utakata. Deceased
Haruto Kuchiki Nobleman Father of Yoichi, Hiroto, and Hiroshi Kuchiki. Husband of Kaeda Kuchiki Missing
Kaeda Kuchiki 23rd Head Curator of the Kuchiki Clan Mother of Yoichi, Hiroto, and Hiroshi Kuchiki. Wife of Haruto Kuchiki Deceased
Yoichi Heisuke Kuchiki 24th Head Curator of the Kuchiki Clan, Heir to the Kuchiki Clan Son of Kaeda and Haruto Kuchiki, Nephew of Ryoma. Brother of Hiroto and Hiroshi Kuchiki. Missing
Hiroto Kuchiki Nobleman Brother of Heisuke and Hiroshi Kuchiki. Son of Kaeda and Haruto Kuchiki. Alive
Hiroshi Kuchiki Nobleman Brother of Heisuke and Hiroto Kuchiki. Son of Kaeda and Haruto Kuchiki. Alive
Satoshi Kuchiki Nobleman Father of Cameron and Utakata Kuchiki. Brother of Sesshomaru Kuchiki Deceased
Cameron Kuchiki Nobleman Half brother of Utakata Kotsoku. Deceased
Utakata Kotsoku Nobleman (Kuchiki Bastard) Half brother of Cameron Kuchiki. Alive


Name Master Relation Status
Hinna Kotsoku Satoshi Kuchiki Mother of Utakata Kotsoku ?
Chiyo Kuchiki Rukia Kuchiki Lower Class Noblewoman Alive


Name Rank Status
Keiko Fukui Former Lieutenant of the Elite Barrier Squadron Alive

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