Haruko Clan
Family Head Azumi Haruko
Vice-Clan Head Drake Soñoliento (Honorary)
Heir Kiryuu Haruko
Rank Shouichi
Family Seat Haruko Family Manor, Seireitei, Soul Society
Affiliation Gotei 13, 12th Division, 4th Division, Soul Society
Specialty Maintaining of the Soul Society's corporations and treasuries.

The Haruko Clan is one of the current four great noble houses, recently built back up from nothing. Its current head is Azumi Haruko.

Their official motto is, "It's just business."


The duty of The Haruko Clan, as it has been for over 2000 years, is in charge of the management of the Soul Societies main corporations, as well as managing small businesses and merchants all across the Soul Society. If it turns a profit, Haruko Clan is involved somehow.

The Haruko clan is also responsible for maintaining the Seireitei and Central 46's treasury.

The Haruko clan also keeps the duty of warding the Northern Districts of the Rukongai. For centuries the Haruko Clan leaders have sereved as Lord of the Northern Districts. Their duty is to protect and ensure the well-being of the residents of the North. Subsequently, The North is the richest and most aristocratic of the Rukongai. A vast gap exists between the rich and the poor, causing immense wealth in the upper class and appalling poverty in the lower classes, with an almost non-existent middle class.

A Brief History

The Haruko Clan started out over 2500 years ago as a simple tavern. When the tavern began turning huge profits, the then-clan leader decided to expand. They started opening chains of taverns all across the Soul Society and Seireitei, pulling massive amounts of money.

About 1800 years ago, the family began buying out different businesses and companies until most businesses were under the clan's watchful eye.

However, 200 years ago the entire clan was murdered, save for Azumi and 5 others. The clan remained completely dormant for 200 years.

Until the present day, when Azumi re-affirmed contracts made centuries ago. The clan re-gained its Shouichi rank only 3 months ago, due to Azumi's cunning tactics and business skills. The clan has, again, started turning massive profits. Making ~$1,000,000 a week.


Name Title Relation Status
Azumi Haruko 23rd Head of the Haruko Clan Widow of Mikael Haruko Alive
Drake Soñoliento Honorary Vice-clan head. Significant other to clan head. Alive
Kokishin Nengen Noble Adoptive Member - Elder Council Alive
Asuka Midori Noble Adoptive Member - Elder Council Alive
Yoshito "Yoshi" Tanaka Noble Adoptive Member - Elder Council Alive
Ren Avernacus Noble Adoptive Member - Elder Council Alive
Kiryuu Haruko Heir Son of Azumi and Yoshito Alive
Mikael Haruko 22nd Head of the Haruko Clan Son of 21st Head of the Haruko Clan Deceased


  • Haruko means "Spring child" in English. Coincidentally, the clan was founded in the month of May; and every blood member of the clan was born in the Spring.

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