Calixto Hadita
Race Arrancar
Birthday He doesn't remember
Gender Male
Height 5"9'
Weight 153 lbs
Blood Type A-
Family None
Professional Status
Base of Operations Las Noches
Affiliation Las Noches
Position Fraccion, Arrancar 42
Espada Zaxten
Release Command Flutter
Resurreccíon Las Alas de Hadas
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Calixto appears to be a young man with Purple hair and eyes. He is about 5'9", and wears standard Arrancar clothing with a jacket over it. His eyes are a light purple color. His mask fragment is on the left side of his chin, and appears to have small teeth jutting up. His hollow hole is over his heart.


Calicto is generally carefree, and acts friendly to everyone, no matter their affiliation. He can appear to be absent-inded, but he is actually intelligent when it counts, usually in fights. He is, however, childish at times, and is prone to distraction.


Calixto used to live far away from Las Noches, with a so called "Family" of lesser hollows. He was an Adjuchas, and the other hollows regarded him as a Patriarch, but they ran things while he went hunting for souls, hoping to become a Vasto Lorde. He would normally prey on everything, but children were something he would not dare harm, and usually played with them instead, leading them to a Shinigami to be Konso'd rather than feed the other ruthless Hollows. Eventually, he became an Arrancar through natural means, and his family urged him to leave to Las Noches, where he could live to his true potential. He set off over a year ago, speeding as fast as he could to Las Noches.

Ressureccion- Las Alas de HadasEdit

Appearence: Edit

Calixto stabs his Hollow Hole, and he says the command, "Flutter". The sword turns white, and stretches around his body, becoming Fairy like wings, as well as talons and a thin white film around his torso and back. His hands also swirl with air.

Innate Ability:Edit

Torbellino- Calixto raises a hand, and the air in the area begins to swirl feircly, pulling in objects, people, and foes with lower Reiatsu.


Fuerza Aerea- Calixto clenches his fist and punches down, sending the air above the foe straight down with crushing force, possibly sending them to the ground if they are in the air.

Viento de Blindaje- Calixto creates a barrier of air that slows or stops physical attacks. Reiatsu based attacks such as Kido or Cero, or certai abilities may not be stopped, but may be slowed down and weakened slightly.

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