Blackwolf family crest

Disclaimer: Saw all the silly shinigami family thingy mabobies, thought this would be fun to document.


Blackwolf is a name the originated in the fifteen hundreds when an solider from the east, stranded in Europe, took it up as his title after the locals used it as an insult. This was because of not only his darker skin, but also the black garb he would wear along with the odd weapons he carried. He also chose and developed a Crest in order for the name to better fit in with those of the houses already in place.

The name has a thin line, descending through London for hundreds of years. It hardly ever branched off and if it did the name was lost with the union.

Oddly enough most people of the name tend to gravitate towards stealthier work. Becoming thieves, assassins and spies far more commonly than bakers, warriors or smiths.

The name has since died out with Kylar Blackwolf being the last of it's line and his only heir taking the name of her mother.

Former and Current family membersEdit

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