Belshirash is a Seraphim of the Arch Angel rank

Nightmare's Grasp
Where does life start and a nightmare end?
Status Alive
Race Seraphim
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Seraphim Army
Position Arch Angel


Belshirash is a fairly tall, lean built man with dark medium long hair. One of his unique feature are his pointy ears and pink shaded eyes with a red glow. He still wears his sinner's coat nowadays to remind himself that he is technically still an inhabitant of hell despite ascending to a Seraphim's position recently. Usually he is seen wearing white gloves and his canines that are usualy exposed by a grin when are slightly sharper than usual.


Despite the fact that he grins often, Belshirash isn't a fan of conventional fun, in fact it bores him to the point that he doesn't tolerate it at all when someone jokes and makes fun of people, anyone besides him of course.

He know that war often requires cheap tricks and winners shouldn't shy away from using things to their advantage so he doesn't give a damn about honor especially after seeing so many dreams crushed by it, some of them by him personally.

He is also cocky and likes to point out if he is on top in fights especially when entering his second release he becomes quite arrogant


Belshirash's first release


Belshirash's second release


  • Sinner's Ascension: When entering his first Release Belshirash's hair grows longer and becomes white while his eyes lose anything human and become just red holes.He becomes way more bulky and grows slightly. A dark armor with bone-like ornaments and skulls covers his entire body, batwings sprout from his back and a shield materializes in his right hand.
  • The Spawn of Night: Belshirash loses any human shape and becomes a living nightmare, a monster with sharp fangs and fleshlike hard armor. His hands are now long talons with clawed ends ironically wings are sprouting from his arms. His legs disappear replaced by shadowy tendrils that let him levitate with a quite impressive speed. 


Name: Shroud of Morpheus
Type: Healing
Cost: Medium
Range: Self
Stat: REI

Belshirash has harvested thousands of dreams in his time as a Sinner and as Seraphim, he can consume those dreams through his cloak giving him a passive regenerative ability that mends his flesh and regenerates broken bones and damaged limbs.

Name: Nightmare's Sting
Type: Offensive
Cost: Medium
Range: Long

Even Belshirash's weapons and body are part of the nightmare hence he can control them to a certain extend. His sword or his claws in his second form will extend and try to pierce his opponent. The weapons extend at a frightening speed up to 30 meters but the retraction takes a little longer.

Name: Second Release - Realm of Darkness
Type: Defensive
Cost: High
Range: Medium
Stat: REI

Belshirash can create a wall in form of a single made of dense black reiatsu, he can enter and leave this wall as he pleases but his enemies will be stuck inside unable to escape while he can travel in the obstacle jumping out and diving in as he wants.


(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)
HAN 11 (+1) (+1)
REI 8 (+1) (+1)
HAK 12 (+1) (+1)
SEI 6 (+1) (+1)
BUK 10 (+1) (+1)
HOH 8 (+1) (+1)
Base points 55
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 55

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