Asuka Haruko
Race Shinigami
Birthday December 31st
Gender Female
Height 165.1 (5'5")
Weight 49.8952 kg (109 lbs)
Blood Type O
Family Unnamed Grandfather (deceased)

Kokishin Nengen(adoptive brother)

Azumi Haruko(adoptive sister)

Ren Avernacus(adoptive nephew)

Professional Status
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society, Division 1
Division 1
Position Lieutenant
Previous Position 4th Seat

Student at the Shinigami Academy

Partner Rukia Kuchiki(captain)
Release Command 奈落の底に飛び込む, (Naraku no soko ni tobikomu): Plunge into the abyss.
Shikai 風の窮状, (Kaze no kyūjō) : Plight of the Wind.
Bankai None
Sealed Weapon Two 31cm Tantos
Tsuba shape Carved black dragons in onyx

Asuka was the lieutenant of the First Division.


Asuka is average in height at 5'5". Her build is lanky and slightly muscular, similar to a long-distance runner. Her jade-green hair flows loose, reaching the tips of her shoulder blades, and is sometimes confined into a ponytail. Her features are rounded. Her eyes are hazel in color, with a variety of different colors speckled in the irises ranging from dull gold to bright mint. She wears a golden bracelet around her left wrist, and her double tantos looped through two teal sashes on her waist. Her Lieutenant's badge is attached to her left arm. She ages at an unusually slow rate, and appears to be at her early twenties despite being over four centuries old.

  • Give her some alcohol or bakery treats and she'll smile at you like this.
  • Young Asuka.
  • One of the rare times when Asuka appears elegant. And very ladylike.


Foul-mouthed, grumpy, and unusually rude to some strangers, Asuka butts heads with many people when she first meets them. However, she warms up to friendly people quickly and respects people who are intelligent or strategic. No stranger to alcohol, one of Asuka's favorite pasttimes is to drink. Though she doesn't appear to be particularly intelligent, she likes to speculate, observe, and analyze any tidbits of information she receives-- resulting in (usually) pretty charismatic replies. Asuka enjoys a good joke and good garden, though she has given up keeping a garden lately. Throughout her time in the Seireitei, however, she has become more mild and slightly more mature. She can not, however, stand slackers or lazy people. Asuka is somewhat of a workaholic, and she is extremely organized. She is a demanding but understanding leader. 

After the Seraphim Invasion, Asuka becomes slightly more withdrawn and aloof, and less loud. She is a lot more aware of eliminating her profranity nowadays due to becoming Lieutenant. She is also very fond of Rukia, though she expresses her fondness is very...interesting ways.

During fights, Asuka becomes more profane and mocking, and her entire person becomes bent on destroying her opponent mentally, psychologically, and physically. 

One of Asuka's greatest flaws is her temper and anger, causing her to lash out at people in random if they displease her.
  • Asuka's general attitude at a first glance.


  • Color-coded closets and offices
  • Strong liquor
  • Pastries of all kind
  • Obedient people
  • Good cooks
  • Rukia


  • Uptight people
  • Backstabbers
  • Cowards
  • Shy people
  • Tree nuts, yams, and caviar


Asuka wears her two tantōs threaded through the teal sash that she ties around her waist which secures her shihakushō. Both blades are stored in dark, almost navy blue sheaths with swirling silver carvings that are connected to the dragon-like figure mounted on the bottom of the handles of both daggers.
  • The closest image I could find to her Zanpakuto's appearance.

Zanpakuto SpiritEdit

Plight of the Wind is a 
  • Serious headshot
  • Plight of the Wind when happy
  • Asuka's Inner World.
woman who appears to be around Asuka's age, with cropped black hair that reaches the nape of her neck, with two locks that reach the tips of her shoulder blades on either side of her head. Her eyes are the color of Asuka's reaitsu, which can vary from azure to black. For apparel, she wears a simple black dress with two thin straps that tie together, much like a bikini top. Sometimes she wears a buttondown, militaristic jacket over it, along with tall black boots.

Unlike her partner, Plight of the Wind is very calm and patient, and spends most of her time writing short prose in Asuka's Inner World. She can become very excited and violent in battle, and feeds Asuka's mouth with colorful curses. She is very stubborn and hard to anger.

Inner WorldEdit

Asuka's Inner World resembles a city that has been blazed to the ground and utterly blackened and destroyed by a nuclear weapon. It is desolate, and there are constantly chilling winds carried the scent of fire and decay. Her Zanpakuto spirit lives in a small spacecraft that hovers a mile above the city, with a ladder dangling from it. According to Plight of the Wind, it was once a bustling city and has been destroyed over time by the negative emotions Asuka has felt.

Five Steps of DeathEdit

Name Five Steps of Death
Type Offensive, Poison
Cost Low- Medium, depending on completion
Range Close

Dark plumes of teal reiatsu surround the tip of the dagger Asuka wields in her left hand. The reiatsu solidifies into a gluten-like viscosity and takes on physical properties similar to mercury, and Asuka will attempt to stab the opponent five times at five different specific pressure points in a specific order. If the order is disrupted or the stab is made at the wrong place, all the effects of the poison will wear off. The first two stabs result in widespread, extremely painful, but not very damaging burns over the area affected. The third and fourth stabs will result in unexplained appearances of cuts on various parts of the body, and tissue damage around those areas. The effects of the first four attacks will wear off within two rounds if Asuka does not manage to land a successive hit. The fifth stab can only be made after a two turn buffer, and the victim will receive temporary severe nervous system damage and will lose consciousness.

If Asuka stabs them again immediately following the fifth, they will die instanteously. 


Name Cleanse
Type Healing
Cost Low- High, Depends on Wound
Range Close

While the left blade is damaging, the right blade can counter the poison released by the first blade, and at the release of the shikai, it will take on a light blue glow. Each time the opponent is stabbed by this blade, the effects of the deadly poison would be negated by a little. Its stabs can also be used as a strong healing serum of sorts for all types of wounds. The solidified reiatsu tastes like thin mints.

Wind Manipulation (Passive):Edit

Asuka can control wind currents to a certain extent thanks to the remnants of her previous powers. She can stir up pinpointed, fast breezes, and with a certain amount of concentration, manipulate the air around herself to allow temporarily flight.


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{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 10
REI 12
SEI 12
BUK 14
HOH 14
Base points 40
Earned 31 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 71


(To Rukia Kuchiki during the Serpahim Invasion)- "Rukia...does this situation not alarm you? Does it not strike fear and doubt in your heart? Those that they consider as weaklings were sent on these killing sprees, and I couldn't even follow their movements, much less retaliate. Blood was literally flying, painting the skies red, and those madmen were laughing their asses off as the crowds melted into sheer terror... I [am] one of those people meant to be the buffer against strife, a protector, a supporter, even. And I had failed miserably today."

(To Shizu Kuroi at Hiroku and Ryuuhei's wedding)- "Shizu...I am a Shinigami. One who fights till the deaths for her beliefs."


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