Arenilla is an Arrancar...she also likes yea...

Arenilla Hacedor
IA.full.1132644-1-I look bad ass but I'm really a teddy bear
Race Arrancar
Gender Female
Professional Status
Position Doceavo (12)
Previous Position Gaara, of the Funk
Espada Drake Soñoliento
Resurreccíon Despoblado Desierto
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Hollow remnants: Ankle and arm bracelets.

Hollow hole location: Heart

Tattoo: Number twelve located on the back of her right hand


Personality: She seemingly dislikes all people until they get to know her. However, she does not usually seem very approachable, and she typically insults people when she addresses them. She also, like totally thinks Drake is the most awesome person ever.

Zanpaktou: Despoblado DesiertoEdit

Despoblado Desierto (Empty/uninhabitable desert)

Sealed: Despoblado Desierto is a scimitar with a brown hilt.

Released: Her zanpakuto vanishes and her bracelets grow spikes with holes in the sides. Sand pours from these holes.


(Unnamed) Sand manipulation: Arenilla can manipulate her sand at will to levitate or change forms to attack opponents. The farther the sand goes from her, the harder it is to control it.

  • Weapon Generation: Arenilla can manipulate the sand to form weapons at will. These weapons can levitate using sand manipulation.
  • Sand armor: The sand can form around her to make an armor that is weak to water. It is not impenetrable, but it is still protective to a degree.

Serpiente de arena: Arenilla can create a snake out of sand that coils around the opponent and hardens, effectively binding them.

Ataque combinado: Vidrio: If a fire -type attack hits her sand, the sand becomes glass, greatly increasing its cutting ability and durability. However, it is very taxing to use for long periods of time.

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