Archdemon Lucifer the Prideful, Lord of all Hell
Queen of hell by nericomifuji-d2yyiy6
Reddit Username /r/Kuroikatsuchi
Race Demon 
Birthday Unknown
Gender Presumed Female
Height 5ft 7in
Weight 125lb
Blood Type ?
Family None
Professional Status
Base of Operations Hell
Affiliation The 7 Kingdoms of Hell
Position Lord of Hell


Appearing as a beautiful women with long stark white hair, she alludes to her true nature as the Queen of Demons, she hides the symbols of her former allegiance behind a large black cloak, three pairs of large angelic wings now stained black as a symbol of her betrayal from god, beneath her hood a pair of small horns replace the golden halo that once adorned her head.


Being the Arch-demon of Pride she is quick to flaunt her power, even as an angel she was proud of her own abilities and this has only been amplified since she has assumed her role as Leader of Hell, now past her pride she can be very charismatic, inspiring new strength and moral into her troops as she fights along side them on the battle field.


Lucifer was originally one of God most trusted angels, her influence among the angel ranks was tremendous and was recognised as Heavens first Archangel, for centuries she guided the angels in an era of peace but when God began to favour the Humans over his first creation , the Angels, confronting her creator about the matter, God determining that the Archangels actions were that of Heresy sent a legion of angels to apprehend the "Heretic", this action incited a rift between the Angels still loyal to God and those loyal to the first Arch-demon, this event would be known as the beginning of the "First war of Heaven"

After Escaping to Hell She decided to fight back against the oppressive regime that God rules under, taking the initiative a mass invasion of hell forces stormed the realms of Humanity and Angels inciting the "Eternal War" that still rages on to this day several millennia from initial contact, both sides existing in a state of equilibrium, each army matching each other blow for blow, great demonic beasts slam into ranks of the enemy while massive angelic war-machines even the tides and daily Lucifer does battle with her eternal rival the Arch-angel Michael.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The weapon she wields in Battle

Doom Blade
Name Doom Blade
Type Offensive
Cost Medium (3 turn cooldown)
Stat Sei
Range Medium         

With a slash of her blade a pure energy "Blade" bisects the opponent, the attack deals greater damage if the being hit with the attack is a divine being.

 Lance of Longinus
Name Lance of Longinus
Type Offensive
Cost High (5 turn cooldown)
Stat Sei
Range Long         

She forms a great lance of black energy in her hand before lancing the lance at an enemy, the spear travels at an incredible speed but if it does miss the spear explodes, the detonation rivals a nuclear blast.


Describe your second ability.


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 20
REI 25
HAK 20
SEI 25
BUK 20
HOH 20
Base points 130
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 130





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