Arata Kinamoto
Reddit Username Aratakin
Race Human [Fullbringer]
Birthday January 1, 1996
Gender Male
Height Pre TS: 5'8"

Post TS: 6'1"

Weight Pre TS: 123 lbs.

Post TS: 132 lbs.

Blood Type AB+
Family Mother (Deceased)

Father (Jailed)

Adoptive Parents (Deceased)

Miwa Kinamoto (Adoptive Sister)

Professional Status
Affiliation Xcution
Position Ace
Fullbring Medallion- Destiny Bond
Heart of innocence that holds a dangerous power of pure understanding or pure destruction. - Omegaxis1

Arata Sahashi Kinamoto is a Fullbringer, and a Senior Member of the Xcution group. 


Pre-Time SkipEdit

Arata has with blonde hair that's cut at mid-length and rather messy, with one lock of hair sticking up like an antenna, and emerald green eyes. His face lacks masculinity, making his face seem almsot feminine to other that might make that judgement. In school, he wears the normal school uniform. At otehr places, he wears some casual outfit consisting of jeans and shirts. 

However, he does prefer to wear his own outfit at times. It consists of a black full sleeve coat-like shirt with red outlines on it as well as on the wrist cuffs. The shirt is held by a rectangular badge at the top of the collar, and black pants. With the pants, he also wears a pair of leather boots that goes past the knees and has some black pads on the knees. He also sports a large white trench coat that he wears over the shirt.

Post-Time SkipEdit

Growing up, Arata has now become a handome young man, no longer having the feminine look to make him look girlish like he did before, and even getting rid of that 'antenna' that was always sticking out of his head back then. His hair is still the same color, if not brighter, now being unkempt and messy, something that he finds works perfectly for him, as he also sports a pair of earrings on his ears, which he got into a while back. 

His clothing has also changed, as he left most of his old clothes behind at Xcution, and he had gotten used to wearing new kinds of clothing. Now he wears a muscle shirt, usually black that hugs his body, which became more muscular over the years from his workout sessions, and another shirt over it, and sometimes wears a black jacket with fur coatings around it, and a pair of jeans. He also decided to wear a new necklace after he lost his medallion back then, since it felt weird without one. He also bought himself a watch that tells time and date that he wears on his left wrist. 


Pre-Time SkipEdit

The most notable thing about him is that despite everything that he went through, Arata's heart is very kind and rather pure. He never tries to hate others and always tries to hold back on whatever that troubles him from others, but his face usually betrays him at times. Because of much of what happened to him in the past, he's very shy, or more scared of other people, other than his new family, as usually he had been beaten by adults and kids alike. He will usually try to keep his distance from any new person, but will be as nice as he can, but he can't be blamed if he freaks out sooner or later and tries to run off out of fear. 

If a person manages to get past his defenses and manage to befriend him, he can be very nice and show a different side to him, and will talk to you normally. While cowardly, he can also be very brave when it comes to his friends and feels like he needs them to actually stand up for himself. He might even be willing to risk his life for his friends, because of how he would feel happier when with them.

In battle, Arata can fight a bit, and the main part of his skill is outlasting his opponent through the use of Fullbring, or rather, try to make the opponent leave him alone. By using his Fullbring to link his physical damage to the opponents. However, Arata dislikes battle and using his Fullbring even more, sine he doesn't want his opponents to feel pain like he was. But if one pushes Arata to the point that he does wishing to deal pain to the opponent, then the opponents are in for a dangerous situation and will probably wish they hadn't brought Arata to the brink of anger.

Post-Time SkipEdit

No longer is he the shy, timid boy he was years ago, but now has grown into a young, confident man. He no longer fears the approach of others and worry about what he does all the time, but rather tries to look ahead and approach them. From spending time with others while in America, Arata had began to build more self confidence in himself that he can talk casually with others without stumbling over his own words. 

Arata still holds the kindness he had in him that he did before, but is now more open about his opinion and would more likely speak his mind of worries that he has for others, but is still likely to keep his own worries to himself, unless he feels like he needs to confide in someone else to try and help him. He is also likely to try and make more action than always stay back and think about it.

His protective nature of those that are important to him still remains, and would still put his friends before himself. However, just like his old self, there is still a part of him that he always tries to hold back, a part that had existed ever since he was a child, and only surfaced a slight amount when he had first completed his Fullbring.


A Cruel ChildhoodEdit

Originally named Arata Sahashi, the boy's life had been filled with almost nothing but pain and misery. When he was born, it was almsot normal, with a normal family, with normal love and affection, and nothing wrong at all. However, that all changed when Arata turned 3 and his mother had began suffering from an illness that had been contracted because of Arata's birth, as his mother refused to abort him that would allow the doctors to remove the illness from her. As his mother was on her deathbed, she gave Arata a special medallion that she was given as a child by her parents that was said to give one good fortune, and also told him that she will always love him. From those words, she soon closed her eyes, and never opened them again, and Arata kept the medallion since then.

However, from his mother's death, Arata's father changed. He became drunken and abusive, constantly drinking and blaming Arata for his wife's daeth and from that, he began to constantly beat Arata over and over. Everyday became a source of abuse that continued to go on for years. Arata once accidentally let it slip about what his father did to him to a friend from his school when asked how Arata got the bruise on his face, and when the friend learned about it, the friend told their parents, and they told the school, who informed the authorities, and then the father got reprimanded from that. However, Arata's father was let off the hook when he said that he would never do such a thing again. But he was lying through his teeth.

The second Arata saw his father again, he didn't seem to be seeing his father any longer, but a demon in his father's body, as the demon threatened him that if Arata ever speaks about what he does to Arata, he will kill Arata. It wasn't just the threat now that stopped Arata from telling, but his father also got smarter and began to make sure that he left no marks on him that others would question and might catch. They had even moved to a new city so that no one that were still suspicious of him would try and catch him on the act. It was hell on earth for the young Arata, and many times that he wished to die just to escape the pain, but he would look at the medallion his mother gave him and it gave him hope and will to keep on living.

If only the problems stopped at his house life, but somehow, his misery had somehow spread to his own school life as well, from when Arata let out another secret slip, and that was his ability to see spirits. Kids at the new school called him a freak of nature and constantly picked on him. Some kids even beat him up for it, as gangs, and Arata could do nother but whimper as he was beaten. And when he gets home, he has to pray that his father didn't get drunk or he'd only get another beating. Sadly, almost every night was a beating, and Arata could truly do nothing but take the beatings.

Abuse from school, abuse from home, it seemed like Arata would have nothing but abusive pain on his life no matter where he went. Arata always begged to his mother's medallion for the pain to stop, or for the pain to stop hurting, or somehow the people to stop hurting him. Everyday, and every night, he would pray and wish for it to somehow happen, and never gave up that it would someday come true.

Eventually... something happened. On the anniversary of his mother's death, he was ganged up on by the bullies that thought to try and make fun of him for being a freak and asked if he could see his dead mother as they beat him up. That was the last straw for Arata, though. Almost all of the pent up anger and sadness he had been holding back was brought out, like a dam of emotions had opened up and everything was let out. Arata began wishing with all his heart that he could make the others feel the same pain that they were inflicting on him, and suddenly, the medallion he had glowed and somehow became a scarf around his neck that emanated a strange energy. The scarf wrapped itself around the arm of the leader of the gang, and all of a sudden, the leader began screaming in pain from all the places that Arata was hurting from. He tried to make the scarf let go, but it wouldn't let him go. The leader then tried to kick Arata to try to make him make it stop. Big mistake, as the second the kick hit Arata's head, the boy felt the pain of the kick exactly where Arata felt it and everyone was starting to get scared. They all ran away from him in fear that Arata had done something, and Arata felt the pain finally stop when they ran off, and the medallion to fall of his neck and onto the ground, no longer releasing the strange energy.

When Arata returned home, his father had another drunken rage and attacked Arata, but like many other times, this one was greater the the usual ones, since he drinks even more as it was the day he lost his wife. Arata got scared again and once again wished for the pain to stop before it happens, and somehow the object glowed again and wrapped around his father arm, and the second it happened, any damage that Arata has or recieved is automatically felt by his father, or rather the one ensnared by the weird scarf that released the strange energy. He felt the pain and Arata managed to push his father to falling and knocking himself out. Arata then felt some anger and grief welling up inside him and finally had enough courage to pick up the phone and call the police, and told them everything that happened and they finally arrested his father once and for all, for the crime of child abuse, and Arata was taken to a safe place, where he was taken to a new adoptive family that gave him a new last name, Kinamoto. 

Using his newfound freedom, and the love of his new family, Arata first tried to understand the nature of the power he had that was the source of how he stopped the pain and gain the courage to call the cops on his father. After training with it for a while, Arata eventually understood that it was perhaps the spirit of his mother protecting him from pain by making the ones that tried to hurt him feel the pain he felt as well. He began trying to be able to use the power at will and understood that it came only when he wished to the medallion for the pain to stop or a desire to make the other person feel his pain. After a while, he eventually learned to use it. 

Since then, he would try to avoid any kind of painful encounter as he feels that it isn't right to make others feel his pain when they can't handle it like he could. So he always tries to avoid getting into any conflict when things look bad. 

Seraphim War AftermathEdit

After the battle with the Seraphim Avernois ended, and before the worlds were separated once more, Arata left Xcution to try and find anyone else that might need medical assistance, and was ambused by some remaining Seraphim, and without having enough power from that fight previously, Arata feared that he might have met his end, only for the medallion of Gilean;s that he possessed to shine brightly and transported Arata away, knocking him unconscious, right as the Seraphim all perished, and the worlds were soon separated by the handiwork of Azumi.

As Arata began to regain his consciousness, he awoke to find himself above the sky with many floating rocks, and a greater intensity of gravity there. Confused, Arata called out to see if anyone was there, but couldn't see or sense anyone in the vicinity, until he heard a voice call out to him. 

Looking over, he saw to his shock that it was none other than Gilean, the former Seraphim that killed himself after he had killed Arata and Miwa's parents, beat Miwa to a coma, and then ripped Sam out of Shinra's womb. Arata was confused on how that was possible as he had witnessed himself of Gilean's demise, and questioned what was happening and where they were.

Gilean responded to Arata and explained that he was not the real Gilean, but rather a memory of him that exists within the medallion that Arata carried, and how he had transported Arata into his dimension, and explained himself on how he was once a Shinigami and was tormented into becoming a Seraphim when he was captured, saying that he was a weakling, though Arata refuted and said that he had great courage to end his life than waste it to serve the monsters that were the Seraphim. Gilean then explained to Arata that he brought Arata here to see if he was worthy of attaining greater power by absorbing his medallion into Arata's Fullbring. 

Arata was stunned at first, but the guilt of having been too weak to do much in the battle against Avernois and how he couldn't help the Captain Commnader, and felt that if he had more pwoer, he would have been able to keep her alive. And so, he accepted the challenge. 

However, as soon as the battle began did Arata begin to realize the disadvantages that he had, with how his Fullbring's abilities couldn't work, his manipulations were all but useless, with how the dimension had no souls within the matter there, and how he was nowhere near as skilled as Gilean was. 

Arata fought as hard as he could, trying to use any strategy or tactic that he could, but all were meaningless against Gilean, and in a matter of time, Arata was defeated by him, the Fullbring deactivating and Arata returning to his normal form. As Gilean picked Arata up to end it, Arata used a last ditch effort to win, and placed his Fullbring on Gilean's chest, causing Arata's medallion to try and absorb the energy that Gilean was made of. Gilean, however, seemed to already be aware of that, and even seemed capable of stopping it, but instead, he spoke his final words to Arata, and ended up allowing himself to be absorbed by Arata.

As Arata absorbed it, his Fullbring underwent a transformation and gave Arata powers that he never believed possible, but was too weak to remain conscious, and lost it, before his Fullbring activated and returned him back to his home.

An Unwelcome ReturnEdit

When Arata came to, he found himself in front of the Xcution manor, and was happy to be back home. However, he believed that he was gone for only a few days at most, unaware of how long he was truly gone for. 

When he entered the Xcution manor, he found the manor to be normal, but a bit different from how he rememebred, and then saw to his delight, his younger sister there, teary eyed as she embraced her brother after so long. Arata smiled, but then Miwa told him that something was wrong with Rhapsody and told him to go see her in her room. Arata went towards where her room was and tried to open it, but found it locked and tried to talk to her, but much to his shock, he was noticing that Rhapsody was being rather... angry towards him, which only confused Arata. 

Arata tried to understand why she was so angry when he was only gone for a few days, until he saw her slide a calender to him from under her door, and he noticed two spots highlighted. One was the day the war began, and the other was several months later. 

It was then that it dawned to Arata that he wasn't gone for a few days, but rather, for several months. Realization became clear as he understood that Rhapsody must have thought that he was dead all this time, and began apologizing to her through the door, and tried to convince her that he was sorry and that he had never meant to hurt her like that, but was only rewarded with the music that was playing in her room. 

Soon enough, the door opened and Arata saw her go out to the bathroom, and tried to stop her, but was too late, and could already tell why she went there. He soon called her out on her condition and told her that she shouldn't be doing this to herself. However, when Rhapsody opened the door and looked at Arata, Arata could only see great anger in her eyes, as she then shouted many things, such as how Arata really didn't care for her, how Miwa was busy feeling sorry for herself on how she was in love with a dead guy, and other things that made Arata feel hurt. he tried to deny it and say that he did care for her, but she didn't seem to want to listen. 

Rhapsody soon enough went to the kitchen and much to both Arata's and Miwa's surprise, she was making some cup noodles for herself. They approached her and tried to speak to her, making some for themselves, and ate together. There, Arata learned that she was trying to fix herelf, and mentioned someone named Warren through it. Arata had a slight suspician that he might be the reason that she wants to fix herself. He couldn't explain why, nor did he understand it, but he felt a bit bothered to know. 

They couldn't talk further as Rhapsody went to sleep almsot as soon as she finished. 

Afterwards, Arata went to see Shinra... only to be given a harsh punch across teh face by the same woman. He was impressed by how strong she was, but knew that he deserved it. In fact, he preferred the punch to his face over the treatment that Rhapsody had. 

Knowing that he was gone for several months, he asked Shinra exactly what happened over that time, and was given and explanation of how after the war of teh Seraphim, when the worlds were separated, he learned that the worlds remained separate without connections, and how it caused teh worlds to fall out of balance, with how the human world ended up having a literal zombie apocalypse happening. Needless to say, the guilt within Arata grew, as he understood that he really screwed up to have been gone for so long. 

Failed PowerEdit

After a while of getting accustomed to his environment once again, and attempting to try and get Rhapsody to understand that he never meant to hurt her, he attempted to train with his new powers that he gained from his Fullbring that he gained from Gilean. However, he he tried to activate his Fullbring, nothing happened. He couldn't feel the power from it coming out, and instead only saw it as an ordinary medallion. He tried several times to get something, but all those times, he got no response. 

Frustration building up, Arata reviewed everything that happened to him. He lost several months to get this power, caused people he loved to grow more distant with him, and now even the power that he had gained wasn't going to work for him? Arata began to question on whether the power he got was even worth the price that he was forced to pay. In all honesty, it felt to him that it wasn't worth it at all.

During that time, he considered what he should be doing, and figured that he should try to see if there was anything that he could do now that he was back. he decided to begin exploring the city more often afterwards, getting a chance to view some more things. He even had gotten to meet up with Aries Esha again.

After the months went by, his birthday came, and he got his birthday presents from his close friends, one of which was a camera from Rhapsody, surprising him, and making him happy that even though she was angry at him, she might still consider him a friend. He decided to always keep the camera on him, and got into photography as a hobby, taking pictures with it whenever he could. He took many pictures around the places, sometimes going out with Rhapsody to take pictures together, or taking pictures of Hope and Sam. 

He had even got a chance to meet up with a man that had helped him during the battle, named Yoru Tsukiyumi, who came over after apparently moving into Hiroshima and was going there to visit. They spoke a little, and Arata also got to meet with the man's son, Hikaru, who was very bright and innocent, something that made Arata happy to see that there were kids like him, and hoped that Hope and Sam would end up turning up like Hikaru. 

The next month, he had managed to get both Miwa and Rhapsody their presents for their birthdays, getting Miwa a bracelet, and Rhapsody a necklace, the latter which he got help from Miwa since she had noticed Rhapsody's growing interest in certain things. Things seemed like they were going to be getting better. 

To Pursue a DreamEdit

However, things could not last forever. 

Several months later, after nearly a year had passed by since his return, Arata got a letter, which was from a program for those that were intending to study medicine, something that shocked Arata, as it also explained how he would need to leave the country to study abroad in America. The Fullbringer was unsure on whether or not he should go, since he worried that he might cause troub;e for others if he left, like he did when he didn't return after the war. He thought about seeing if the others were alright, before he eventually decided that maybe it was okay if he left, but decided to talk to the others about it.

He spoke to Miwa first, and she was not happy to hear that Arata was leaving, asking if he really wanted this, and felt that he shouldn't leave. However, after a while of talking, Miwa decided that it was best to let Arata pursue his goals since she knew that he wanted to become a doctor. She warned Arata to write, email, whichever that he could do to keep in touch, which Arata promised that he would.

After Miwa, he went to Shinra, who was okay with it, and told him to be careful. Arata remininsced the times the he spent with the infants and knew that when he left, the kids would end up growing before he knew it. He hoped that they would be alright.

Finally, he went to Rhapsody and asked her to meet him on the roof of Xcution and that they needed to talk. Amazingly, she came, and he began explaining to her about the letter and how he would need to leave to study abroad. instead of being upset like Miwa was, Rhapsody's feelings were more different, and she spoke of how Arata was abandoning her again, like he did before, which Arata tried to assure that it wasn't anything like that. He tried to explain to her that he never meant to hurt her back then and that he was going to be back. Despite that, Rhapsody seemed to revert back to how she was before when they reunited a year ago, and was behaving with anger and bitterness towards him, and spoke as if she wanted nothing to do with him. Arata felt hurt by that and tried to reason with her. 

Arata took off the medallion that was his Fullbring off, and said that if he had to lose Rhapsody for the power that he got, then he didn't need it, and was about to throw it away, though instead of that, Rhapsody snatched it from him, and threw it, though Arata didn't mind it, but as Rhapsody starts to walk away, Arata chases after and embraces her, and admits to her that she was the most important person in his life and he didn't want to ever lose her. She screamed out that he shouldn't care for her at all, to which he replies in his own raised voice that he'd always care for her, no matter what, even if she hated him and wanted nothing to do with him. After talking to her further, he eventually asks her if she wants him to go or not, and if she says no, then he wouldn't go. As she stared into his eyes, she eventually said that while she doesn't want anyone to go, she wouldn't stop him, but also mentions how they'd always be friends, but she couldn't see them as more, and instead thought of him as a brother.

That both confused and bothered him, as he wondered why, but shrugged it off and then smiled at her, and promised her once again that he would return, and even told her that she should promise him something in return. Confused, she asked what, and Arata replied with how he noticed that she had been eating a bit more as of late and said that he wanted her to promise him that she would try to always remain strong, no matter what happened, so that she doesn't revert back to how she was before. He wasn't going to take a no for that one, and was most insisting that she follows this. His insistance won out and he even made them as a pinky swear on it, and smiled as they did, ebfore returning.

After a few more days, he had most of his items and clothes packed, leaving behind some of them back, including the Fullbring that he never went back for, and then took the plane flight to America, to start his studies to be a doctor. 

Life in AmericaEdit

Once he entered the other side of the country, Arata was by all means impressed by how everything was. It really didn't seem, sound, smell, or feel like Japan at all. Already Arata felt like he didn't belong there, but just tried to take a deep breath and tried to think about his living arrangements and how he was going to adjust to how things were going to be, now that he had no one to talk to there. 

The first few weeks were tough on Arata, especially on the work that he had to do for the medical program. It wasn't anything like he had imagined it to be. No, he knew that it would be tough, but not this tough. He struggled to try and learn all the different types of disease and illness that were around, and many more things about the human body that were clearly left out in the other school books. The tests that he had to take were still difficult, even though he studdied hard for it. 

By the time the next semester began, already a third of his class had dropped out, and Arata was feeling like he was in over his head. He felt that maybe he should just quit and go home. 

During his time there, he managed to keep in touch with hsi friends, both Miwa and Rhapsody, and always talked about what was happening, though Arata felt like he was being pressured more and more. He left them so that he could come there, and if he came back, he would end up breaking their expectations of him. He even remembered how Rhapsody didn't want him to go, but let him so that he could pursue what he wanted. 

Arata took out the camera that Rhapsody had gotten him, and scrolled through the pictures that he had taken there, and smiled as the memories came in. He decided that he wasn't going to let a set back get him down. 

Instead of trying to take things on his own, Arata began approaching others that were in his classes, and tried to get into groups to try and learn together. Arata began to learn things at a much faster pace than before, because he could help others solve problems and they could help him with his. Pretty soon, him and his classmates ended up getting better in their classes and pulling their grades up. Through that, Arata became more confident in approaching others. 

During the time he was there, the friends he made were nice and they were fun to hang out. There were some girls that seemed to have taken a particular interest in Arata, but Arata didn't pay much attention to it. If anything, he seemed to keep them as just his friends for some reason. 

he reason being was that through his time there, he began thinking about the people back home, but one in particular kept coming back up to him.


His feelings for her had surfaced and he understood why it was that the way that Warren helped her get better bothered him, or how Rhapsody saying taht she saw him as a brother also made him feel upset. He felt jealous on how he wasn't more to Rhapsody than just a friend, despite the things that they had been through together. At first he was bitter about it, thinking that it wasn't fair, but little by little, he knew that being jealous and bitter wouldn't do anything for him. 

He decided that if Rhap thought of him as a brother, then he would change to become someone that she couldn't see as a brother, but as a man. He also got an email from miwa about how the chain on Rhapsody's necklace broke, so he decided to get some new chains for her. He was still happy that she kept it with him, and he still had her camera, which he took lots of pictures for her to see, along with the rest of Xcution. 

After the second year since he came to America passed, he had finished his studies and could go back home. He was then all set to return, and even kept the contacts of the new friends that he made in America. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed: Using the power Bringer Light, Arata is able to move faster than the average human by pulling on the souls of the concrete and air to aid him in his movement. Using his manipulations as well, he can physically move faster, without straining his body. 

Enhanced Durability: Arata's spent most of his life in nothing but abuse, from both emotionally and physically. From that, he has a higher tolerance of pain than the average human. With his Fullbring active, the places that are covering Arata's body become similar to that of a Hierro Skin, allowing Arata to protect himself from harm. 

Soul Alchemy Adept: Arata displays a bit of skill in manipulating the components of matter for his own use, allowing him to use it either in combat or other ways. 


Destiny Bond: Arata's Fullbring comes from the medallion that was given to him by his mother on her deathbed, and her last words to him about how she'll always love him and protect him from harm. The power of the Fullbring is of linking Arata to another through a special seal that links Arata to another person and transfer whatever pain he feels to the person that bears the seal placed on them. It represents Arata's desperate wish as a child to make the pain he feels to stop, but activated the first time when he wanted to make the other person feel the pain he felt. Thus, his powers are a unique form of empathy to others on himself in its current state.

Ties of FateEdit

When the Fullbring reaches complete maturity, it becomes a clad-type armor on him, which takes the place of his normal outfit. He now wears a blue battle outfit that goes from his chest down and has straps around it. He also has dark pants that has a yellow stripe go through to his shoes and another around the knee area that forms a cross. The shoes has a metal cuff above the ankle area. On his arms, he wears long finger-less gloves taht extend almost up to his shoulders and has wristbands that are colored blue, yellow, and white, and a pair of armbands with four diamond shaped marks on them. 

He also gains a new scarf around his neck, while the medallion turns into a one handed longsword with a guard on the handle and a sheath for it on Arata's back that's attached by the straps. The armor serves as protection made of his own reiatsu, similar to hierro, as well as the scarf, which can be manipulated by his mind, and can even be used to block attacks from behind should Arata be able to sense them coming. The sword works to place the base of his powers to place the seals that links him with others, and can be also now be used as a weapon.

Emil Gif

Destiny BondEdit

After absorbing the power of Gilean's memory from his medallion, Arata's own Fullbring evolved to a more powerful version, granting him improved and strengthened abilities. Along with that, he had gained a new form of his new Fullbring.
Commission Aster by mazjojo

Arata's new form.

Arata's new outfit is similar to his previous one, but with new modifications due to the enhacement. The outfit is now a blue trench coat that flows past his knees. Unlike the last form, the new outfit has small black mantle with yellow outings around his shoulders that goes down his back. 

His fingerless gloves remain the same, but the bands around his wrists are now gauntlets extending to his elbows. He also wears a pair of armored leggings, given more protection around him. Around his waist, a black belt with a metal buckle on the center. 

Along with that, on the center of his chest, a device is there, with a small crystal. The device is actually the medallion of both Arata's and Gilean's, merged into one, holding the power of the keys inside that enables Arata to cross dimensions as Gilean once could. 

In this form, Arata also has the ability to generate a pair of blue wings made of reishi that enable him to fly around. The wings might be a reminiscent of Gilean's former status as a Seraphim. 

Body Link SealEdit

Name Body Link Seal
Type Passive/Active
Cost Low
Stat Rei vs. Sei
Range Close

Using his sword, Arata can cut the person that he wants to and place a special dark blue seal that matches the mark on Arata's medallion is placed on the person. Doing that links Arata's physical senses to the person with the mark, thereby linking whatever physical pain that Arata feels to the other person as pain. However, the actual damage is not on them. Just the pain that Emil feels. The effects can be used in reverse as well. 

Similar to Tsukishima's Fullbring, Arata could use the sword as a weapon, or the seal, or even both at the same time. If using the second, then no damage is done to the person cut by the sword.

If the opponents Rei stat is 4 higher than Arata's Sei stat, the sense link will fail, by suppressing it, similar to how Aizen's suppressed Soi Fon's Shikai's ability. If their Rei is not 4 or more points than Arata's Sei, then the link will succeed and the senses will be linked for the duration of the technique. 

This lasts for three turns upon activation then has a three turn cooldown before it can be used again.

Emotion Link SealEdit

Name Emotion Link Seal
Type Active
Cost Low
Stat Rei vs. Sei
Range Close

Similar to the Body Link Seal, the Emotion Link Seal works the same way, by Arata striking the opponent with his blade. When struck, a different colored seal will be on the opponent, and this links Arata's emotions with his opponent, allowing them to feel his opponents emotions and vice versa, so they are empathetic to one another.

This technique is particularly dangerous, as it can even cause any emotional pain and turmoil to strike at Arata, or the opponent might end up overwhelmed by Arata's emotions as well. This makes the ability a double edged sword, but also could be used to understand one another in a closer level.

If the opponents Rei stat is 4 higher than Arata's Sei stat, the sense link will fail, by suppressing it, similar to how Aizen's suppressed Soi Fon's Shikai's ability. If their Rei is not 4 or more points than Arata's Sei, then the link will succeed and the senses will be linked for the duration of the technique. 

This lasts for three turns upon activation then has a three turn cooldown before it can be used again.

Note: Before this technique is used, the RP'er of the other OC must consent fully and agree to their character's emotions being shared.

Ability 3Edit



Depending on your SEI level, you have a varying amount of manipulations you can choose from. Please refer to this document for more information.

Name Description Level
Ars Nova (HAN) With Arata's Fullbring completed, he can form reiatsu over his new outfit and his own body to act as an Arrancar's Hierro, that can be used to guard against attacks that strikes at him. 15
Healing Stream (SEI) A form of Kaido that Shinigami use by using the water as a catalyst. By manipulating the water to his hands, Arata can himself or others from physical injuries, like cuts or burns, but stronger injuries like lacerations or broken bones require much greater and longer treatment. 25
Cyclone Seal (SEI) A variation of the Cyclone Surge technique, where Arata has the wind barrier form around an opponent, trapping them in place. Afterwards, Arata makes a slashing motion and causes the barrier to release several wind blades inside the space of the barrier to damage the target.  40
Thunder Wall

(SEI) From gathering the electricity and expanding them, Arata formed a barrier of pure electrity around him. He then releases the electricity in a burst that scatters all around him, greatly electrocuting those that are around his range. This acts as both defense and offense.

Cyclone Surge (SEI) A defensive technique from Arata's wind manipulation, where he creates a high speed whirlwind around himself in a sphere. This enables Arata to fly through the air at high speeds while inside the sphere, and acts as a barrier, which is strong enough to withstand a high velocity impact with rock. It also protects Arata from other's attacks and can collide himself against opponents, as the windspeed is able to tear and cut opponents that should be in direct contact with him.  50
Wave Turtle (SEI) Any source of water is actually present in the area, even in the air, and all Arata needs to do is manipulate the souls of the water from the air, from the plants even, or from a source of water to gather around and make use of the water to shield him from attacks by making walls of waterthat move around himself in a fast pace to deflect attacks. Named after the Black Turtle of the North. 50
Burning Phoenix (SEI) Using a lighter that he bought, Arata can manipulate the soul of the fire and expand it by feeding the fire more oxygen to make it stronger and then manipulates it to fire at other opponents in streams of fire or concentrate it in a dense blast of fire. The name is a reference from the Red Phoenix of the South. 50
Ravaging Tiger (SEI) Manipulating an existing form of electricity, Arata can use his spirit energy to expand the electricity by ionizing the air to suit the existing electricity to grow even more. training it even further, Arata managed to be able to make the electricity take the form of a tiger larger than himself that he sends to his target. Upon impact, a huge burst of electricity is released and extends towards the sky. The name Ravaging Tiger comes from the White Tiger of the West. 60
Dragon Tempest (SEI) Arata manipulate the air around him to bend to his will. After much training, Arata had honed this technique to be able to create a dragon that is larger than himself in the form of wind, that he can send at his opponents. When it impacts, a large explosion of wind blades strike at the opponent, caushing them great damage. He named it Dragon Tempest based on the Blue Dragon of the East. 60
Ain Soph Aur (SEI) Arata's most powerful manipulation. By manipulating the matter in the air down to its particles and accelerate them at high speeds around his sword that he holds in a backhanded grip or forming in his hand, Arata sends a large sphere of charged particles to shoot at the target. The charged particles carry enough energy in them to melt almost anything upon contact. Arata named it Ain Soph Aur, meaning limitless light. 60


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 15
REI 14
HAK 14
SEI 16
BUK 13
HOH 16
Base points 50
Earned 38 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 88


  • His appearance is based off of Aster and Emil from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.
  • His Fullbring's final form is based off of Emil from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.



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