Anat Halpern
Reddit Username GhidorahCrushalot
Race Quincy
Birthday March 16th
Gender Female
Height 5"1
Weight 110
Professional Status
Base of Operations Karakura Town
Affiliation Xcution

Appearance and Personality Edit

Anat is a short woman who lives with a lost limb (her left arm) as well as a good deal of long-term scarring covering most of the left side of her body. Her hair is short, with the sides extra short and dyed black and the longer hair in the middle remaining it's natural platinum blonde. Her face is, despite the scarring on the left side, beautiful- so much so that she had been a successful model in New York before the Seraphim had destroyed it. Anat is slim but very muscular, her legs easily being the most muscular part of her, thanks to her time spent training in kickboxing.

Her personality was heavily effected by the loss of her family and arm; while at first stand-offish and quiet, she has grown into a more complex, darker person. While she had always had been moderately sociopathic growing up, with the loss of her family, it has become far less managed, and thus appears significantly more often. Fused with her more than keen intellect, she can be a profoundly unsettling yet insightful person; her fascination with psychoanalysis and her own innate cleverness has the effect of making those she communicates with feel "seen through" or like they were prey to her.

Abilities Edit

Spirit Weapon: A sword strongly resembling a Han Dynasty-era Jian.


Stats Edit

Class: NV-0

HAN: 4

REI: 4

SEI: 9

HAK: 9

BUK: 9

HOH: 10

Trivia Edit

  • She has a massive music collection
  • Anat owns one car: a 1999 Subaru WRX 22b racer. She cannot drive it due to her lack of a left arm, so she mostly just sits in it and listens to music.
  • Theme song: BelongToTheWorld by the Weeknd (song starting at 2:30?)

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