Race Arrancarr
Gender Male
Height 6'
Weight 100lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Las Noches
Position Fraccion
Division Velsa's Fraccion
Partner Velsa and his Fraccion
Espada Velsa Shikage
Base of Operations Velsa's Tower, Las Noches
Release Command
Sealed Weapon
Health 1600
Attack 50
Defense 50
Reiatsu 70
Reiryoku 50
Speed 80
Zanjutsu/Arma 5
Hakuda/Corpus 8
Hohō/Celero 11
Cero/Kido/Lux 11
Perks Custom Cero (see left)



Hermandad Oscura

Quiet, content to listen and observe, but when his opinion is made, it cannot be changed. He will put his own life on the line to protect his Arrancar Brothers, not because he was lonely like Starrk, but because he is simply that loyal. He has a great fear of fire. Heigh: 6” Weight: 100 Lbs


Powers: I become made of shadows, and due to the connection between shadows and darkness, I can use this to cloak myself, or move great distances at once/in a short time. I can create clones of myself from the shadows. Two Maximum Ability 3: I can make Shadow Constructs. A wall, Trident, and Gun.

Skills: Zan: 5 Hak: 8 Hoho: 11 Cero: 11 Stats: Attack: 50 Defense: 50 Speed: 80 Rei: 70 Reiryoku: 50

Custom Cero: Anon Cero Element: Shadow? (If it’s not possible, may I have a list of elements?) Things hit by it are cloaked in a black sludge that restricts movement and visibility for a short while, if they are not killed by it hitting them. Shape and Ability 1: Split and Diamond Shaped AOE: Lance

Cero Ability 2: Rapid Fire

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