A large square tower stands over Las Noches


Outside of Alberto's tower there was a massive forest that looks like it dates back to the Cretaceous Period. The forest is complete with hollows that resembled the wildlife of the time making it full of activity. Over the last three years Alberto had stalked these lands somehow his rieatsu had influenced the land to make the landscape more appropriate for Alberto's resurrection state.

Alberto's forest


Floor 1: Main entrance. This is a very open floor leading to the main spiral stair case which runs through the center of the tower.
Floor 2: The main lobby/buffet. This floor has buffet tables with anything you could possibly imagine to eat and a large bar filled with various drinks
Floor 3: The arena. This is the floor where any sparring or training will happen. If there is fighting in this tower it's here and only here.
Floor 4: The relaxation floor. This is the floor where you can come sit back and relax. This floor has the most comfortable furniture you can imagine.
Floor 5: Fraccion quarters. This is where my fraccion will live.
Floor 6 Alberto's personal quarters. This is where he sleeps/meditates. If the door is open come right in, if it's closed knock or risk the consequences

Tower RulesEdit

1. Treat Alberto and his fraccion with respect in his tower. Any fraccion Of mine will risk being maimed if they do not show respect
2. Do not under any circumstances eat the last of the food.
3. Any fighting is to be done in the arena

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