Akutō Wadatsumi


Akutō is an aspiring young inhabitant of Rukongai who wishes to become a shinigami. He has been trained by Shinya Tsubasa and Aethos Kurumada.


Akutō has long brown hair, which he ties back in a ponytail. His bright blue eyes are often described as piercing, often called his best feature. He stands at 6 foot 8.


Akutō has base 40 stats.





Release Command:

Chikyū kogasu / Sear the earth / 地球焦がす

On release:

The ground in the vicinity of the blade becomes scorched and burnt, damaging the ground and killing any flora. Any body who stays in the area will note a sharp increase in temperature.

Ability 1:

Kaki Hyōko / 火気 憑拠 / Fire Curse

Akutō can manipulate fire in various ways. This ability is very weak, as it is his bread and butter attacks. The attack strength is not massive as most Shikai attacks are and it's defense abilities are very low too. This is accommodated with spammability, the ability can be used in various ways in succession (not on the same post) but the effects are always a single post long (meaning there are no fire binds). Each use of an ability while under the Fire Curse causes an extra charge on Fire Wave Cannon.

Ability 2:

Kaki-ha taihō / 火気 波 大砲 / Fire Wave Cannon

As Akutō uses fire based abilities from his zanpakuto, this cannon absorbs energy. The energy is released when called in a huge wave blast.

It can grow in strength per turn to an average of Akutōs rei and sei, meaning it will be weak if used frequently, strong if used scarcely but using it's full power more than once takes an incredibly long time.

Using Fire Wave Cannon causes Akutō to overheat, meaning he cannot use Fire Manipulation for the next x turns, where x is half the strength of the cannon when used (so if it is Fire Wave Cannon 8, it will be 4 turns before Akutō can use Fire Manipulation again, to start rechagring his cannon).

If Akutō passes the number of charges that are equal to his limit, the ability will discharge anyway and cause him to go into Overheat.


Akutō can no longer use fire manipulations for a duration equal to half the length of the fire wave cannon.

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