The Lost Fullbringer
Reddit Username tacohell
Race Fullbringer
Birthday June 9th
Gender M
Height 6'6
Weight 190
Blood Type A+
Family ?
Professional Status
Base of Operations Naruki City
Affiliation Xcution
Position Member
Fullbring  Scarlet Lifestream


Approximately 6 feet 6 inches, with a lean but toned body. Aimus has dark black hair that he wears free of any hair tie, allowing it to fall freely in front of his face. It is shoulder length and somewhat soft, straight and normally hanging limply. In the light, it looks like a dark brown but in the dark it is pitch black.

His eyes are a piercing silver that often have a fire lit behind them revealing the emotions as he does not allow his face to show most emotion. It can also be described as gun metal silver or a molten gray.


Having no memory of his past, Aimus is still reforming a personality. We'll see how it goes.


Aimus is in truth Higosha Banteki, former Captain of the 11th and Kenpachi. Yet due to circumstances, Higosha was banished from the seireitei and stripped of his Shinigami powers. Locked inside of a premanant Gigai Higosha lost his memories and was dumped in a field in the human world with nothing but an Xcution card.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Aimus' fullbring is not a true fullbring. Due to the sealing of Higosha into his permanant Gigai all of his Shinigami powers have been sealed. Yet due to the taint of the Seraphim Reiatsu the Gigai could not completely seal his powers manifesting themselves as a fullbring.

Scarlet LifestreamEdit

Aimus' Fullbring is a clad type, much like Chad's from canon. By cutting the palm of either hand and allowing his blood to begin flowing, the blood crystallizes over his hands forming crystalline claw like hands. In addition to the claws, as Aimus' blood begins to flow it sends the blood production within his body into overdrive and begins to create massive amounts of blood within his body.

Blood ManipulationEdit

Name Blood Manipulation
Type Offensive
Cost Low
Stat Sei
Range Short

By manipulating the blood withing the claws over his hands, Aimus can cause the claws to grow longer, or shorter or even shift their state from solid, to liquidy enough to be used as whips.



Name Guillotine
Type Bind
Cost High
Stat Sei
Range Mid

As my opponent is struck by my fullbring, the moment after it hits them, small parts of it liquefy and attach themselves to their clothes and skin. When this ability is used, the liquid blood that I have left upon my enemy crystallizes restricting movements such as a Bakudo would. (Treat as the highest level Bakudo I would be able to use)


Name Description Level
Flashbang By manipulating the soul of fire, Aimus causes the intensity of the light to increase rapidly, acting like a flash bang. [1 turn cooldown] 15
To be Determined Describe your manipulation 35
Hell's Back Door Manipulating the soul of an open flame, Aimus coats his claws with the flames until they hit an object, thus burning the boject. [2 turn cooldown] 35
Heaven's Basement By focusing on the air between Aimus and his opponent he can cause a vacuum to pull him and his opponent together, or to increase the air pressure to force them apart. [3 turn cool down] 40
Bladed Baron Using his blood as a catalyst, Aimus manipulates both the soul of the blood and the soul of the metal in the knife he keeps in his pocket into a sword usable for combat. 40
Deep Freeze By pulling the soul from a liquid, Aimus can cause that liquid to bend itself to his will. Whether turning it to steam to mask his presence, or freezing it solid against something. Or even using the liquid as a whip. [2 turn cooldown] 50
To be Determined Describe your manipulation. 50
To be Determined Describe your manipulation. 50


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 11
REI 14
HAK 14
SEI 12
BUK 11
HOH 16
Base points 50
Earned 28 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 78


Bladed Baron

The sword for his Bladed Baron Manipulation



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