Aerelia Belladona
Reddit Username Aerelia_Belladona
Race Seraphim
Gender Female
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 61kg (135 lbs)
Professional Status
Base of Operations Astra Caelum
Affiliation Seraphim Army
Position Arch-Seraphim
Release Command Procedat Ex Abysso (Come Forth from the Abyss)
Resurreccíon Virtute Daemonem (Demon of Might)


Name: Aerelia Belladona

Position: Arch-Seraphim in the Seraphim Army

Sex: Female

Height: 5'11"

Hair: Black

Eye Color: Red

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Volo User: As an Arch-Seraphim her use of the Volo skill is perfect. She is perhaps the fastest being in the Seraphim army and uses her unmatched speed to gracefully cut down her enemies.

Cero / Bala: Aerelia fires Balas and Ceros quickly by winking. They form and fire from her remaining eye.

First Stage of Release: Virtute Daemonem (Demon of Might)Edit


Aerelia's first release

Release Command: Procedat Ex Abysso (Come Forth from the Abyss)

Appearance: Aerelia's appearance does not change too drastically. However a few notable exceptions can be seen. Her two flowing capes turn into dark wings. She gains a helm that covers the top half of her face. Her left arm also changes form into being a large reinforced claw.

Ability 1: Death in One's HandsEdit

Type Offensive
Cost Low

Short / Medium

She may summon a whip or sword of dark fire in one hand. Getting wrapped or cut may cause massive burns. Her whip can bind. With it, she can manipulate people who are binded for a turn. Such as throwing them into other objects or people. Her sword is immensely hot, and with it she may cut through most armor or even other Zanpakuto. Her other hand becomes an immense, reinforced claw that she can block with or slap away attacks. The nails are tipped with dark fire which may also cause burns. She my slash with her claw, rip things, or even grab Zanpakuto.

Ability 2: Darkness Has YouEdit

Type Utility
Cost Medium
Range Long

The entire area around Aerelia becomes pitch black. So much so that only the combatants can be seen. In her first release she can use this to her advantage. In this "arena" combatants may feel suffocated or suffer from some of the effects of claustrophobia. Aerelia may slip into the darkness and become invisible in such a way that she can not be detected. She may reappear at any area of her choosing without being noticed. She may hide for as long as she wants. She normally uses this time to taunt her opponents before re-appearing and attacking them viciously.

Second ReleaseEdit


Aerelia's Second Release

'Appearance:' Aerelia's helm completely covers her head. She gains full armor on her body. She recieves another 2 pairs of wings, bringing the total to 6. Her arm becomes a flaming sword while her other hand becomes a fiery claw. In this form she is exceptionally fast.

Ability 3: Fear the AbyssEdit

Type Offensive
Cost Low


Her dark countenance causes fear in others. She may completely paralyze an opponent in fear for a few turns by gazing into their eyes even if just quickly. While doing so she spreads her dark wings and releases her Reiatsu. Opponents effected may even not wish to fight any longer, or lose the motivation to, slipping into a sense of dread and uselessness.

Stats - MT-0Edit

STAT VALUE (1st Releast) (2nd Release)
Hankou (HAN) 16 (+1)(+1)
Reiryoku (REI) 20 (+1)(+1)
Hakuda (HAK) 20 (+1)(+1)
Seijuu (SEI) 18 (+1)(+1)
Bukijuu (BUK) 22 (+1)(+1)
Hoho (HOH) 24 (+1)(+1)
Base points 120
Earned  0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 120

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